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neutrogena triple mositure hair mask review
10 Deep Conditioning Mask That Help To Heal Damaged Hair Hello, peeps! We all know how oiling, shampoos and conditioners benefit our hair but do we really know the benefit of a hair mask? I have seen people getting confused between hair conditioners and hair masks as they both do...
Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque Review
  Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque Review   I remember sometime back there used to be a TV commercial where a celebrity used to say that no matter how you style your hair, at the end of the day it is bound to look like a bird’s nest. Whenever that got telecasted I...
L’oreal Professionnel Force Vector Glycocell Masque Review Package+hair care
L’oreal Professionnel Force Vector Glycocell Masque Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing the L’oreal Professionnel Force Vector anti-breakage masque for fragile, brittle hair. I always buy a shampoo along with its matching hair conditioner (don’t we all do? ;-)) so when I purchased the L’oreal Professionnel Advanced Density shampoo, I...
L'oreal hair masque for coloured hair+L'oreal hair product review
I have been using this L'oreal hair masque since one and half month so thought of reviewing it today.My hair come in the catoegory of dry and damaged and I recently got them coloured so I got this for deep conditioning.   What L'oreal hair product claims:-   New Total Repair Hair 5...

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