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Hibiscus, henna and curry leaves in iron kadhai +curry leaves oil+best oil for hair growth
Hair spa is a wonderful gift you can give yourself. And the best part of the hair spa treatment is massaging your head (hair as well as your scalp) with the oil. Hot oil massage provides the necessary nourishment to the hair roots and the strand. The massage helps in...
best hair oil for hair fall
Cherry asks, Do you think applying hair oil reduces hair growth ? If  yes! which oil do you use for hair fall control. .I am suffering from the problem since a month and no shampoo is working :( Please help!         You might like reading these also:- Harmful ingredients in perfumes Sensitive skin care Armpit waxing tips...
By Reshma Khan, Hi Anamika I like to visit ur web site coz its too informative...so i thought even let me share something. Good hair, short or long is what we all want. And the hectic lives we lead, combating pollution combined with bad dietary habits, takes its toll...

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