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cushion foundation shades and colors
Innisfree Cushion Foundation India Review Hi guys!! Over the years there have been many innovations in the beauty community, namely the Beauty blenders, putty products, various types of brushes and so on. Some of them have actually changed the game while some have disappeared. One of recent innovations which is here...
innisfree green tea mineral mist review
Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist Review Hi Guys!! Hope everyone is doing well?? I work in an air-conditioned environment which causes my skin to dry up within couple of hours even after applying a good moisturizer. And I can’t apply heavy moisturizers as I live in Mumbai and the humidity can be...
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Innisfree Capsule Recipe Rice Pack Review - Get Rid Of Tan Wassup pretty ladies?Winters are slowly leaving us (hopefully!) and I back with skin care that too in a "ricer" way.Well, yeah! Off late I am using a lot of face masks on my skin and I am getting some...

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