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lajpat nagar shopping
Hey, jewellery fanatics! Today's post is all about Lajpat Nagar and the jewellery alleys this place has. We went to this place to buy some jewels and they did an absolute marvellous vlog over there which I will link at the end. But if you are interested in reading the...
gorgeous baajuband designs
10 Baajuband/ Armlet Designs In Gold & Silver Indian Women enjoy the liberty to flaunt a number of jewellery on their body. Jewellery finds its place in the traditional beliefs and so every woman is bound to wear jewellery in order to beautify herself. Nowadays, the love for jewellery has...
mantasha bengali jewelry
  10 Beautiful Bengali Jewellery   Bengalis are well-known all over the world for their rich culture which has relevance to their day-to-day life. Ornaments are essential part of any woman’s life and Bengali women take special pride in flaunting their jewellery which has grown over ages. Read on to find out...
Pendants, here the shade of the turquoise pendant+Turquoise - Jewelry and Watches
Turquoise and some more beaded/stoned funky silver jewelry Hi, I hope silver jewelries are very well introduced to you all by now. :)  Turquoise is a gem which attracts by the great shade of blue. I never miss to take a glance at the very elegant blue that the gem shells...

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