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keratin hair treatment
Pros and Cons Of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Keratin is by far the most popular treatment we know for our hair. We face hair troubles every day. Hair fall, dry hair, dandruff, oily hair etc. are just too common problems we face and look to find solutions for. We barely...
Truth About Keratin Treatments In the pursuit of soft, smooth and silky hair, there is umpteen number of tempting in-salon strengthening services to choose from. Keratin Treatment has become one of the most sought after and popular choice for hair straightening. So we have rounded up few facts about this...
By Prerana Sharma,   Homemade Hair Spray Recipe My skin turns into a oil manufacturing factory in summers :DLol,..thats because my skin is extremely oily. Not even skin, my scalp is also very oily. I need to do shampoo every after 2 days nor I end up in looking chipku-chipku....
By Akshita, My hair has become really dull and I need some home remedies to bring back the shine. Help!   You might like reading these also:- Blushes For Fair Skin Wise She Reader Question Best foundation for dry skin Wise she reader question

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