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List Of Shops To Buy Khadi Products Khadi is an indigenous brand which has gained tremendous popularity for bringing out the best herbal products for skin & haircare. One of the best things about Khadi is that it promotes the Make In India concept truly. About Khadi From last five decades institution...
Khadi Products in India
I have been getting many queries from readers asking for Khadi products stores located in and around India especially in Southern India. What I know ! In Hyderabad I saw them in Hyderabad airport but the collection was really small and I have seen one or two products  in Hypercity too...
By Zara, Hi All, I have been using Walnut scrubs for the longest time and always felt they were a tad bit too harsh to use on the face for sensitive skin like mine. Hence, when I saw this, I ordered it right away.. What does the Company claim about  the Khadi...

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