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mac riri woo gloss
MAC RiRi WOO LIP-GLASS Hello pretty faces! Today I’m going to review one of those products which got sold-out in the very first week of their arrival in every MAC store. I thanked God zillion times to be able to grab the very last piece from the collection ‘RiRi hearts’ left in...
Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot cosmetic
Inglot Cosmetics - Inglot Sleek VLCC Lipgloss 71  Hi All, The minute I saw this gloss on the SAMB site I knew I had to have it! I won't sprout and fake claims of having done research or any such thing...Bcoz I didn't...I just took one look at the test tube...
MAC Flesh is a creamy beige lipglass from MAC Mickey contractor collection which is in their limited edition. It is very very creamy so I need to exfoliate my lips every time before I apply. Swatches of MAC Flesh Lip glass When I was buying the lip glass it looked opaque...

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