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lush handy gurugu review
Hi All, I love Lush and the fact that there were discount everywhere since last month just made me go bonkers...Winters are when I typically slather myself in lotion multiple times a day. To this end, I buy a lot of TBS but this year I thought of going for...
Lush King of Skin body butter review+ lush body butter
Hi All, I am a huge fan of Lush body butters..this would not come as a surprise since I've reviewed most of them like You Snapped the Whip and Aquamirabilis...Lush makes 2 more i.e. Buffy (which I didn't like and never repurchased after my short stint with it 3yrs back)...
Hi All, I like using different soaps and the more interesting they are, the better. For the latter part of the year, I was using up my L'occitane shower gels and picked up tons of Soulflower soaps as well. They all finally got over lats December right about the time...
Lush Sultana of Soap Review+sultana of soap
Hi All, I picked this up along with the North Pole soap last month. After that turned out to be such a fiasco, that I had zilch expectations from this baby. And what a surprise it turned out to be! Sultana of Soap has made it into my list of...

Lush Ultrabalm Review

lush ultrabalm review+lush lip balm
Hi All, I know a lot of girls who swear my Vaseline for everyday skin protection for chapped areas..I remember during college time, every girl has a tiny 5buck tub of Vaseline in their bags to be whipped out fashionably in the washroom in front of everyone (Those were simpler...

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