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I went for shopping today and for a change it was not of makeup :P.I wanted to do up my room so got few stuff  for it.Will share with you soon .Ya! I know I am a tease :P Before leaving for shopping  I did this blue and lavender eye...
Blue and green eye makeup
I wanted to use MAC electric eel eyeshadow today and was interested in doing some Bollywood  eye makeup look so did this blue and green eye makeup after getting inspired from Deepika Padukone :) This is the look which was my inspiration.I wish I could use NARS, Urban decay...
MAC Electric Eel Swatches
MAC Electric Eel is another addition  in  my MAC Stash which I am trying to build.Electric eel is a bright blue and to be little  precise is a dodger blue color.   Price INR 680 for a re fill It nicely pigmented and a bright colour by looking at it I feel...

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