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MAC Half N Half amplified Lipstick review+aMac Half n Half Lipstick Review & Swatches
MAC Lipstick Half & Half We are always looking for the best nude lipstick! Even when we have many in our stash, there is this desire to have a better shade of nude which will just rock . This is what made me buy MAC Half & Half lipstick. I...
MAC Swetie lipstick review + mac cosmetics
MAC Lipstick In Sweetie  Hi All, I'm back with yet another Pink lipstick. Yes...another Pink...I am a self-acclaimed Pink addict and can't seem to get enough of them. It's a wonder I haven't painted my walls and wardrobe pink!...Not like my Hubby would let me....Just the hint of the the color...
MAC Verve lipstick review and swatches
Post By Zara, MAC Lipstick In Verve Review Hi All, This is one of the recent MAC purchase of mine. I wanted a nice brown/ brick red shade since long and could never seem to find the right shade...I always found either Reds or Brown but never that perfect in-between shade I...

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