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QVS Eyeshadow Brush
QVS Eyeshadow Brush Line And Define   Hi everybody, Every makeup lover sooner or later becomes a hoarder be it the case of lip colors, eye colors, compact powders or brushes. One is never enough ;-) Today I am reviewing a makeup brush from QVS which is a multifunctional brush and does...
Coastal Scents Brush Bionic Flat Top
Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush   Did u guys…umm…girls get anything form this year’s black Friday sale?? I didn’t, simply because I went crazy last year and bought everything I’ll need for the next 10 years! :silly: Okay, bit of an exaggeration there, but I’ll confess one of the...
4 Lip Makeup Brush Info,Price & Reviews - One can ensure precise and uniform application of your favoruite lipstick or gloss by investing in a lip brush.We bring you four lip makeup brushes reviews which are affordable and stays for long.   Sigma Lip Brush L05 Review   Sigma Lip Brush L05:- Price – $10 Unique...

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