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Maybelline whisper lipstickcherry on top fotd
Hellloooooo! I recently chanced upon some foreign cosmetics which are yet to reach India. I got these Maybelline color whisper lipsticks which actually are yummy tinted lip balms. Maybelline recently launched their matte lipsticks too but sadly they are not matte which was kind of a disappointment for me.They might...
Maybelline high shine colorsensational lipstick plum shine review +maybelline colorsensational lipstick
Hi All, Maybelline has been going from strength to strength in the past few months and have gained even a greater fan following thanks to their new Dream Liquid foundation, their blushes, swirl liners and the High shine lippies. When A swtched them here, I immediately made up my mind...
Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in C22 Review
When a reputed brand like Maybelline comes with a lippie for just 230 bucks, anyone would be tempted to try it. That’s what happened with me and this lipstick. I do not wear lipsticks generally, but for 230 bucks I was willing to take the plunge. I am really...

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