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Wise She New Year Mega Mega NYX International Giveaway 2 Hello Gals, After the amount of interest you gals generated in my nails the last time I wrote about a lip pot I seriously felt I didn’t do justice to the lip pot. :duh: Anywho, I thot I’ll do a couple...
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KK Centerhk Nail Art Stickers 3D Design sticker is an interesting way of nail art especially when one is in hurry or have shaky hands.One just has to stick them onto their finger and toe nails.   Price - $1.58.Available at KKCenterhk    These stickers can not be re used and stays for maximum...
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I always believed that Nail art can only be done by a highly skilled person but when I started blogging I found that with practice any one can get this art. Later on I started collecting everything which will help me in making nail art simple. Few of you asked...
I got these 3D Designs Nail Sticker from New U Inorbit Maill Hyderabad.They cost just Rs25 :D:D and I loved using them  and this is how I did my nail art design with nail accessory today.It is very simple and hardly take five minutes. To start with it I applied...
By Reddy, Hey Wise She Readers sharing with you few of my new nail art pictures for short nails                 Which one is your favorite?   You might like reading these also:- Nail Art Design (Women’s Day Special) 7 Ways To Do Nail Art Nail Designs Love Inspired Nail Art On Valentine’s Day  

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