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Glitter nail art designs
Must Know Nail Painting Hacks Hello pretty ladies! How have your days been passing? Gone are the days of bright spring-summer nail-paint colors. Now coming is the nail trend of vampy, deep colors. Whether you go for a bright manicure or a nude or subtle French manicure what really matters is...
Faces Ultime Pro Nail Champagne Showers
How To Stop Nail Polish Chipping Nail polish is an instant love for girls since a young age itself! A few days back when I was applying nail paint one day, my 3 years old niece got all happy. She was adamant on getting the same shade done on her...
nyx mini nail polish swatches
How To Prevent Your Nail Polish From Smudging Hello gorgeous ladies! I hope all of you are doing pretty well in your lives! But what about those bouts of frustration which a smudged freshly-painted nail gives mind boggling; isn't it? And if you are anything like me (read impatient, and impervious...
illamasqua marquise nail paints nail paint
How To Polish Your Nails Perfectly A perfectly manicured hand is certainly a luxury for any women given the fact that it enhances their attractiveness to certain extent. One may easily get a lovely manicure from the salon and come home with beautiful hands but there are certain things a...

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