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blue eyeliner oriflame mascara
Hi Gorgeous People, As you all know my love for eye makeup in my previous posts and Today I am going to review Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara. .I had read lot of positive reviews of this product but what doesnt work just doesn't work.Read further that how it failed...
Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow Downtown Grey Review+ oriflame very me
Hello lovely ladies. One of the things I love is a good, easy-to-carry eye shadow which would not make my pockets clean. With Oriflame Very Me series, what I love is the affordability of the range. Today, I will be reviewing one of my favorite products from the range- the...
Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer Eye Pencil in Brown review+ oriflame brown liner swatch
This eye pencil was a new launch by Oriflame in November 2011 and I grabbed one as soon as I spotted it in the catalogue. November seems like yesterday and I’m shocked to find how fast time has flown!! :shock: It feels like we were sending new year wishes...

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