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Dinner Date Makeup Looks: Flirty & Sultry Hey girls! I am sure all of you must agree with me that dinner dates are really special. Whether it is an elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant or a candlelight dinner with your boyfriend, it is just too romantic! ;-) This of...
Coastal Scents Hot Pot Light Pink
  Product Sponsored By WiseShe Group of Blogs & YouTube Channels   Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Light Pink Hello ladies, Today’s review is on a shimmery pink eye shadow from Coastal Scents which is named “Light Pink”.     About Coastal Scents Hot Pot: We offer Blush Hot Pots labeled with the letter B and our eye...
By Mitra,                                        Sedona Lace Eyeshadow Palette Hello Beauties!!! After getting my Warm Palette from Buyincoins.com I decided i will go in for another one of the most talked about palettes in the makeup world. I did my research and my quest for a a good palette ended with SEDONA LACE....

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