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Sleek True Color Lipstick Candy Cane
Sleek True Colour Lipstick Candy Cane   Hello ladies, Today I’ll be reviewing a pretty talked about shade from Sleek’s True colour range. I had reviewed “Peaches and Cream” earlier, which despite being a unique shade, failed to impress me immensely. So read on to find if this is different or...
Hi All, This lippy is one of the 2 I got from Sleek. The first is Liquer and this is the second one. The shade couldn't be more different in fact...While Liqueur is a more sober shade, Coral Reef is like an all out party happening on the lips! ;-) About...
Hi All, Getting a coupl'a Sleek makeup pieces was a dream for me until late last year when a friend happened to go to the UK. I was able to avoid intl shipping charges by getting some stuff couriered to her and the minute I held it in my hands...

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