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H2O SPA Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter review+Body Butter reviews+H20 Product reviews
H2O Plus Sea Salt Hydrating Body Lotion  This is the first time I tried H2O body butter as whenever I entered into their store I always headed to their shower gel section.Albeit , I don' t get to try their products much nowadays because of the availability reason but I...
By Neha, Lush Soap  and cosmetics - I would like to share my views on one of my favorite lush product Lush Porridge, which  is suitable for sensitive skin to normal skin. Lush Porridge when comes into contact with water turns itself into  a milky solution  which helps in softening...
SKIN AND HAIR CARE REGIME IN WINTERS As a compulsive shopaholic I keep looking for products which can make my skin better and blemish free. My skin is oily and acne prone and on top of that I have this urge to keep trying something different. I don't stick to...

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