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La Marinere Coco Dreamz Premium Fairness Cream Review
La Marinere Coco Dreamz Premium Fairness Cream Review Hello Guys! Today I am back with review on a day cream from the brand La Marinere. I have been using it for last two months and have formed a solid opinion about it. So I am sharing my experience along with some...
Mahlagha-Jaberi-Greece Holidays
How to get rid of tan after a beach vaccation:   Getting tanned on a beach vacation is a sure shot thing. Though people in western countries sleep and eat under the sun to get that sun kissed glow, we Indians hate it to the core (though we love bronzer!) Though...
Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream All right, so I swear I will not do another Vedic Line product, but I HAVE to tell you guys about this one. Personally, I feel that most creams which talk about whitening are really not worth my money, but this one has done a...

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