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4 Facial Wax Strips In India   Facial hair can give nightmares to any lady. I always wonder why the God has given us girls the 'gift' of facial hair. Removing facial hair is not an easy task as well. Home remedies work but slowly. Going to parlour is an option but...
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop+ waxing strip
Hello kids! Today we will be reviewing a virtually useless product which goes by the name of Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips. They are quite easily available, and since I was thinking of getting my upper lips quickly hair-free, I decided to use up one of these beauties.   To give...
Places to buy waxing strips
Yuvika Asks, Reaching out to you in case you find a way to help me out. since I am in the US now - I have been trying to do my waxing at home - for various reasons > one, waxing parlors are hard to find, two, they are terribly...

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