Taking Care Of Combination Skin In Winter Season


Taking Care Of Combination Skin In Winter Season

Hey ladies! I am sure many of you must have a combination skin with some areas feeling dry and others oilier. However, the oiliness and dryness can change depending on the weather. Even oily skin can become rough and irritated in winter. We take a look at some tips to take care of the combination skin this winter!

Keep Your Skin Protected:

This practice should be followed religiously at all times. Whatever be the season, your skin needs to be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In fact, it is one of the major causes of wrinkles & premature ageing. Women having combination skin should look for light sunscreens which are specifically meant for their skin. You may also use a moisturizer or a foundation with built-in sunscreen.



In order to keep your skin soft & healthy, it is important to get rid of the dead skin cells especially from the T-Zone which tends to get oily. In order to remove the built-up skin cells, use a face scrub with beta hydroxy acid (BHA/salicylic acid) or alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs, such as glycolic acid), whatever suits your skin the best. BHA is especially helpful as it exfoliates the skin, unclogs pores, and kills bacteria which cause acne.


Cleanse Well:

Avoid using harsh soaps & instead wash your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. This would help prevent irritation and dryness. Pick a gel-based or mild foaming cleanser that suits your skin well & keeps it smooth & healthy.


Don’t Forget The Toner:

Toner is essential for women with combination to oily skin. It removes whatever impurities the cleanser could not take care of & helps in shrinking open pores as well. In addition, it also balance pH levels of the skin. However, make sure that you use an alcohol-free toner for the dry areas of your skin.

Using the best skin products

Moisturize Right:

Striking a balance between oily and dry areas of your skin is the key here! Even combination skin tends to get dry in winters. Avoid using heavy creams & pick the right moisturizer which moisturizes your skin well especially the dry areas, but do not go overboard with the moisturizer as it can lead to an oily shine on your face.


Keep Hydrated:

We usually tend to drink less water as winters start approaching. However, it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. You may also have herbal tea when it gets too chilly. This will help your skin to flush out the impurities & keep oiliness & breakouts at bay.


Take Care Of Your Lips:

Your lips also tend to get dry during the cold dry winter season. Avoid layering up petroleum jelly or heavy waxy balms on your lips. Instead, use a light lip balm which keeps your lips hydrated.

Have you tried any of these skincare tips for combination skin?


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