Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review + Video



Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review + Video

Hello everyone today I am going to review the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil for you which I got from America. One of my friends recommended this oil to me and I have been using it since 3 months and I have been completely in love with this product.

When it comes to oil I am a bit scared thinking that its going to make my skin oiler or its going o give me acne, but as per my experience is concerned, I enjoyed using though I have a oily skin. I right know have an oily combination skin, but oil works perfectly for my skin and this is the reason you need to get the right oil. Somehow previously I used to apply any kind of oil and they used to break me out and never helped me that much. Then I stated using extra virgin oil and then I realized the importance of extra virgin oils. They actually are good and pure oils only give the maximum benefit to your skin. So that’s the reason I started using oils.


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I tried number of oils and one of my favorite oils is Forest Essential Sesame oil which I would suggest to dry skins more because it kinda hydrates skin a lot.

When I was using Forest Essential sesame oil I got a little bored with so much oil. It was good, it hydrated my skin well but when I compared it with this Tarte Maracuja Oil, then I felt that this is way better. The reason being that it has helped improving the texture of my skin., not only has reduced the oil coming out from my skin, it also has brightened up my skin tone, it has reduced pigmentations and helped evening out my skin tone. Yes, this product really works guys. As per as the price is concerned, I got this around 30 S from US. It is available in India as well and is something to be happy about. This is available in 3 sizes, the roll on maracuja oil which is like 2000. This is also available in 7ml which is around 2500 rupees and the biggest one is 75ML which I got from Us and it cost only 30$ there, very cheaper than what we get in India here.

Somehow I knew that its going to work on my skin and that’s why I got the bigger bottle and I am so so happy that I am thinking to get a backup of this.

The usage of maracuja oil is, after cleansing my skin and removing all the makeup off, I apply the oil and keep it. I don’t need any moisturizer or any serum after using this. This is the perfect solution of everything I need. To get the maximum benefit, I use my olay pro X cleansing system which gives me through cleansing and through cleaning. So after removing makeup with that I use 2-3 drops of oil and trust me guys I wake up with a hydrated and bright looking skin which is quite rare.

Oil has Vitamin C in it and most Vitamin C products give me acne. I don’t know why there are ample things which have Vitamin C in them and they have given me acne. So I got scared once I read that this maracuja oil has Vitamin C in it. But it worked and never gave me any kind of acne as such. You can use it on hair, knees , elbow and other dry areas. If you apply on the hair root then they kinda soften your hair and look pretty and beautiful. But it is so expensive guys that I don’t want to use that on other dry areas as I am pretty happy applying body butters and anything else than using this favorite oil of mine, i.e the Maracuja oil. The thing I like about this product is that I just need 2-3 drops of the oils and have been using it since 2-3 months and I haven’t finished even 1/4th of the bottle and I have been using it almost every day. It really really lasts for a long time. I use it during the day and at night as I told you and it never makes me feel greasy and my skin absorbs it in 2-3 seconds and I never felt irritated after using it . So its not that you can use at only at night.

If you have dry skin you can mix it with your moisturiser as well, but I am not pretty sure about it, because I don’t like using it before my foundation s I think its going to make me look greasy. So I haven’t tried.

As for the pigmentation problem which we have, whenever you read any product review or anybody share the experience with you you’ll see it is a temporary affair, that when you stop using it the product doesn’t show its results and the pigmentation is back. But with this product even when I take a break, then also my skin looks the way it is. I am not saying that it is going to completely take away your pigmentation, buy you’ll definitely see an even skin tone, a brighter skin tone, a glowing looking skin with the regular use of the oil.

As per the packaging is concerned, it comes in a glass bottle and you can take out 2-3 drops with the help of the dropper. Its not that travel friendly because it is a glass bottle, but I have carried it around and by God’s grace it survived. I wouldn’t suggest you to take it with you while travelling and for that you can buy the roll one. So if you really want to take it with you, if you are going for long vacations, then you can buy the roll on as well because I think this is a good deal to invest in this Tarte pure maracuja oil, it really works.

And I am really happy how my skin is looking ad I don’t think that I would like to change my skincare regime.

Check out the video below for the review.



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