TBS Foundation Brush Suggestions/Experience


Nafisa asks,

Is TBS foundation brush. Is it good? Is it worth buying? Ive been reading mixed reviews. I havent used mine yet and  if it’s not worth it i wanna return it a.s.a.p. Pleeesh help me 🙂


Body shop foundation brush reviews



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  1. hmmm to b frank it wud b ur call 🙂
    if the bristles are soft and you are comfortable with such kind of brush keep it

    usually most of them like stippling brushes fr foundations as it gives light coverage

    if u want heavy coverage and don’t have any such paddle brush in ur collction do keep it

  2. As a beginner,I started off with TBS brushes only..This foundation brush is very good n spreads the products easily.Does not give a streaky effectt,no shedding..so I would suggest u to keep it..it can also be used for applying primer,moisturizer etc..:)…

  3. @Vish: i actually wanted a stippling brush….been hunting high n low but just cant seem to find 1:-( This was more of an impulse buy in my frustration to get a good brush 😀

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