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Body Shop Shower Gel Review

Hi All,

TBS Shower gels are my favourite indulgence..They seem to have something to suit all my moods…relaxing scents for when I feel tense, soothing scents for when I’m PMSing LOL!, citrusy lively scents for when I’m feeling lazy and sleepy, and creamy scents when I want to feel pampered…So many products and such little to use them up! This shower gel is something I picked up because it contains 2 of my fav scents…lime and coconut… I love Lime for its fresh scent and coconut for its creaminess and soothing traits and wanted to see if this shower gel also would mirror these features.


The Body Shop Lime and coconut shower gel review + body shop india


About TBS Lime and coconut Shower Gel:-

This refreshing shower gel cleanses without stripping the skin?s natural oils. The shower gel contains extract of lime, rice and apricot kernel granules, as well as Community Trade organic cold pressed Samoan coconut oil to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

How the TBS Shower gel  works:

Step into the shower and adjust water temperature until warm. Apply the shower gel and gently massage in circular movements with the help of a Bath Lily. Rinse and pat dry.


  • Quantity: 250ml
  • Price: 745INR

The Body Shop Lime and coconut shower gel review + lime shower gel

Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil – is not only edible, it is also an excellent skin emollient and possesses antiseptic properties.
  • Honey – is one of the oldest cosmetic materials. It softens, soothes and moisturises the skin and is particularly beneficial for sensitive, dry or mature skin.


My experience with TBS Lime and coconut Shower Gel:-

  • Packaging – This comes in a long transparent plastic bottle with a flip top. Its Quite sturdy and not too much of a risk while travelling.
  • Color & Texture – The shower gel is a clear champagne yellow color with tiny brown exfoliating beads in it. The beads are not rough either and this gel can be used daily without harming or drying out the skin. The gel is quite thick but not too thick that it can’t be used without a loofah. Suds-addicts will be happy to know that this lathers like crazy with a loofah and using it is like having a citrus party in your tub!
  • Fragrance – The scent is extremely zesty but not too harsh since the coconut fragrance takes the edge off and makes this a very well rounded experience to sniff 😉

The Body Shop Lime and coconut shower gel review + lime and coconut



Do you have days when you’re tired and lazy and your eyes refuse to open and seem fused together even though the alarm is blaring repeatedly? Or have you had those times when you return from work after battling crappy bosses and scores of traffic and realise that you STILL have to cook and  wrap up everything and then feel like screaming and running away?

Well, girls, this is the answer to all your problems…God I sound like an ad here ‘Lakh dukhon ki ek dawa’ types 😉 But seriously..this is THAT good. It lathers up in a jiffy and the fragrance permeates the entire room making it smell so refreshing. And the exfoliating beads are not abrasive and gives that super clean feeling. All in all, using this shower gel rejuvinates me and and makes me feel relaxed yet amped up.


The Body Shop Lime and coconut shower gel review + coconut scrub


While all this is great, the only part I feel lacking moisturization. It cleanses the skin perfectly but there’s no extra in the moisturizing department. If you have dry skin like me, it will remain dry; but I don’t really mind this since 99% of the time I slap on a body butter or a moisturizer within 5mins of  getting out of the shower.


Pros of TBS Lime and coconut Shower Gel:-

  • The fragrance is so zesty and is sort of life-infusing if you know what I mean.
  • The exfoliating particles are mild enough to be used daily.
  • Lathers quite well which is an added bonus for sud-lovers.
  • Available easily.
  • Its a very soothing gel and is a good wake up product 🙂
  • Only a tiny bit is needed so it will last a long time.
  • No animal testing done.

The Body Shop Lime and coconut shower gel review + the body shop

Cons of TBS Lime and coconut Shower Gel:-

  • It’s pricey
  • Doesn’t moisturize too much.



  • Moisturizing effect: 3.5/5
  • Fragrance: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4.5/5


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  1. Oh its amazing emm.. It feels like ur on a joliday whn u smell dis..and if ur like me who anyways moisturizes asap after ur shower the moisturizing thingy won’t matter 🙂

  2. Oh nirah! Don’t stomp on my ‘dukhti rag’ I wish I cud stay in all makeup stores..they need nt gime anythin! Except the testers ofcourse 😉

    • hahahaha!!
      but this reminds me TBS doesnt give samples/testers here. But I do remember picking up samples from TBS outlets at other places. How is it in Pune?

  3. Oh i love the citrus smell.. i somewhat have the same properties in one of my body butter my aunt got.. love that one.. nice review zee.. 😀 :yippee:

  4. oh god me wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. nexttttttt saleeeee mei lamba list i have :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

    • its a US company called THE TREE HUT SHEA BODY BUTTER with properties of naturla coconut n lime ext and organic shea butter! the fragrance is to die for! :yippee: :inlove:


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