Teen Beauty Influencers Giving Us Serious Beauty Goals


Hola, beauties!

The internet world is booming with new-age sensations in every field. Do you see that young beauty vlogger on Instagram that has millions of followers? Yes, that girl whom you want to be like, that guy on whom you have a huge crush. Everything is online now – from love to fame and we, as a generation are enjoying it to the bits! There are a number of Beauty Influencers in our mobiles and laptop that give us serious beauty goals when we look at them. Presenting some Teen Beauty Influencers who are giving us serious beauty goals! Enjoy.

Teen Beauty Influencers who are giving us Beauty Goals!

  • Ella Victoria

Elle Victoria has a girl next door image but this 17-year-old Australian beauty is a diva herself. She tries to flaunt the teenage natural features and this is the reason everyone is going ga-ga over her. Elle has 98k followers on Youtube and 21k on Instagram who love her sweet nature and teenage fame.

  • Braids by Jordan

The owner of Braids by Jordan is just 18 years old but she is doing what she loves. No points for guessing and yes, it is braids! This girl is an Instagram sensation with over 64k followers on Insta who pretty much drool over anything she puts up. And we hope one fine day, she opens her new hair studio!

  • Okay Sage

Sage is perhaps the youngest of our lot but that doesn’t stop her from creating a huge subscriber base of 254k on Youtube and 84k on Instagram. She does grunge makeup really well and has the talent to live for. Her looks don’t look matured yet she has maintained a class of her own!

  • Olivia Giannulli

Olivia is the 16-year-daughter of Lori Laughlin (also known as Full House’s Aunt Becky) and she is born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But this girl is surely ambitious and that is evident in her beauty videos on her Youtube channel. She travels the world, poses with her best friend and yes, she makes amazing beauty videos. A future vlogger has born!

  • Courtney Walker 

This 16-year-old beauty vlogger is well-known for her ‘Back to School’ videos where she shares everything right from hairstyle to Halloween tips which suit her age. A compassionate girl, she also has a series called ‘How To Be a Youtuber’ that inspires others of their age to start a Youtube Channel. Way to go!

  • Koleen Diaz

This girl is a mixture of sugar and spice and everything nice. Her videos range from hauls, makeup tutorials, routines, lookbooks, and hair DIYs to GRWM and lifestyle. She has 101k followers on Instagram that makes her ‘behind the scenes’ life an interesting chapter to read too.

  • Alisa and Yana Cherry

The Cherry Twins are doing great when it comes to a 15-year-old girl. Alisa and Yana both have their separate youtube channels and a channel together too! They are mostly interested in makeup and so they do makeup that completely suits their age. They have more than 200k followers together and are one of the sure shot future beauty influencers.

  • Lindsey Remi

The 18-year-old beauty has a lifestyle channel of her own on Youtube which has more than 200k subscribers. Though her video topic ranges from music recommendations to How to be a Youtuber, she shines in her beauty videos where everyone gets to know her secrets and what she uses. This girl is a professional graphic designer to the core and this is evident in her videos.

  • Maddi Brag

She is 17 and she has 1 million followers on Instagram. This girl has grown on screen as she is posting videos since 5 years and has shown her change of taste and beauty over time. We all remember her for her “Before and After Braces Video” from 2013.

  • Teala Dunn

This 19-year-old has serious career goals ahead of her. She is a well-known actor, comedian and singer and her lover for beauty is well evident on her Youtube channel and Instagram account. She posts videos which are a treat to watch and that has earned her more than 1.2 million subbies on Youtube.

That’s all folks! Be beautiful.

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