Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick Review and Swatches


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Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick Review and Swatches+Refill Lipsticks at affordable Prices

Remember those teen days where buying a lipstick were a big deal to us???  And that one lipstick was so appreciated and used back then. Because, Now we buy more and use less :-P. The no. of lipstick in our vanity has increased. So a lipstick’s happiness last only till we buy it or a week of using it and after that the excitement is over. Sad but true, it’s the “grown-up Us”.  Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill lipstick reminds me of those teeny days mainly because they are simply pocket friendly and looks like a lip balm more in packaging than a lipstick.. Hehehe.. Oh and did I tell u? they come in extremely cute, bright pretty shades. Today I am going to show you the shades that I have in Teen Teen and Miss Claire refill lipstick. Usually both the brands have the same shade no. for the same lipstick. So it doesn’t matter if you pick shade no. 24 from Teen Teen or Miss Claire. Moreover, both of them have the exact same texture, smoothness and lasting power.

  • Price – Ranges from Rs. 150 to Rs. 180

Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick Review and Swatches+Pink + Coral + Hot Pink Refill Lipsticks


Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick Shades –

They don’t have any name for the shades just nos. and the ones I have is 52, 62, 200, 23, 34, 24 (L-R in picture above)

  • Shade 52 – I really love this neutral soft brown shade. It will suit anyone and everyone and goes on very well with smokey eye make up. Its one of the few nude brown shade that suits me like my skin.
  • Shade 62 – This shade is a nice pinky nude again a pretty sexy shade, similar to what KIM KARDASHIAN wears often. I am very scared of picking nude shades for myself coz I feel they wash me out. But this one and shade 52 suits me a lot and will suit anyone I believe.
  • Shade 200– Shade 200 is a frosty pink shade more like a metallic pink shade. Reminds me of actress Rekha’s pink lipsticks, definitely one of the rare shades to have 🙂
  • Shade 23 –It’s a bright reddish pink shade, if you know what I mean. It’s a very “in” shade these days. I have seen many young college going girls wearing this shade as well as shade 24 which is a hot pink shade.
  • Shade 34 – A peachy or apricot shade. A rare shade to describe and I doubt anyone have this shade.
  • Shade 24 – It’s a hot pink shade! 🙂

Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick Review and Swatches+Lipstick Reffils in Different Shades

All of the above shades are creamy and matte except shade 200 is a metallic pink shade. The best part is inspite of being matte its not drying at all and the pigmentation of this lipstick is absolutely phenomenal because it holds the capacity of covering dark pigmented lips. I am sure I made many girls happy there 😉 The texture of this lipstick is soft, just make sure you apply lipbalm underneath as this does not favour dry lips. The staying power of the lipstick is average, it last only 2-3hrs. I am totally cool with that, can’t expect much at the price that it comes. Besides, I also would like to re apply and finish the lipstick. At leastI‘ll manage to finish it fast 😛 These are extremely pocket friendly but the thing is availability is a major problem with these beauties. As they are only available at Mumbai and not available online except my store. You can avail it from me if you like 🙂

Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick Review and Swatches+Teen Teen and Miss Claire Lipstick Reffils Swatches

What I like about Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick :-

  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Lovely bright and nude shades
  • Creamy texture
  • Pigmented shades
  • Provide full coverage to lips
  • Both matte and shimmer shades available
  • One can easily find a dupe of MAC or any other brands dupe in this.

What I dislike about Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick –

  • Staying power is low which might be a problem for some.
  • Need to apply lip balm before application
  • Not easily available
  • No product description or ingredient list

  • Rating -4/5

Will I re purchase Teen Teen and Miss Claire Refill Lipstick 

 I did and will do it again if I find any more interesting shades. It makes a great pocket friendly gift too 😀

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    • Even i like this cuties..Nafi…wen u l c the no of shades they come in naa.. u l go mad deciding which ONE to go for..n eventually will pick up more dan one! 😉 :lipstick:

  1. Hiya Erica,
    Agree wid you totally, they r pocket friendly shades n I have most of ’em mentioned by you, I got ’em at Betees in Clover Center, mg rd. in Betees, no reaction or darkening of lips whatsoever, also love the creamy texture 🙂 Thanx!

  2. You r so right about the teenage thing. We treasured that one lipstick 🙂
    The teen teen lippies I had used like 8/9 years ago and thought we don’t have them any more!
    Where do you get these in Mumbai Erica?
    btw I think they aren’t too cheap, since the quantity is quite less.

    • hehehee… u get dem at beauty center kandivli dear…well if u think dat way den it might luk xpnsve to u…but if u think u can finish dat lipstick as the quantity is less for u..den dat way..the price is less 😉


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