Teenage Acne Home Remedies


 Shipra asks,

I had acne when i ws 12,bt it cleared up within 3yrs….but now i m 18 n i had a severe acne attack,i am takng anti-biotics and presently it is under control but occasionally i get 2-3 zits…also there are large pores and acne pits left on my cheeks.i dont want to depend upon the anti-biotics…plz plz plz giv me some herbal remedy 2 permanently rid me of acne and  also 2 clear dark spots and pits formed by acne.



Teenage Acne Home Remedies


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  1. Sadly, home remedies don’t work for acne pits. You need to either feel them in through fillers or minimize its appearance through fractional Laser. All this can be done only by a dermatologist.
    And you have to take antibiotics and topical cream to get rid of acne.
    As a home remedy, you can apply Neem paste on your acne prone area on face. But just to remind you, it works mildly and only works if you have mild acne. It does not help for severe acne.

  2. Yeah very good thought you got for reducing those acne pits.

    >Applying Honey regularly on your face will surely tightening your pores and is the best practice. But this is a slow process. Be sure you do it regularly. Also it is a natural bleach which also makes you skin bright.

    >If you need a fast remedy, you need to go for a laser treatment. And this may cost a bit and depending on the depth of the pores also the time depends. Like for each sitting it may cost you around 1000 bugs in INR. And the number of sittings depends upon the intensity of the the pits. My sister has done this.. Now she don’t have visible pores. But few can’t be avoided.


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