Teenage pimple problem – Wise She reader question


Fahee asked,

I had teenage pimples and now i have whiteheads though it is mid..coz of that i have open pores only in the cheek areas near my nose…will anything help?
please suggest coz it looksdamn apparent with make up too and it woser with a bronzer 🙁 (

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  1. use an exfoliating cream…it will hasten up the cell turnover and shed the layer to reveal fresh skin….but for this yo will have to check with a derma…

  2. I have some tips for remove pimples. Swab face with camphor lotion on pimples daily. Wash off with medicated soap and lukewarm water. Grind mint leaves to extract pure juice. Apply generously and allow it to dry, before washing off. Sandal wood ground to a paste using undiluted cucumber juice may be used. Thanks for sharing with us..


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