Teenage Skincare Advice Every Mom Should Give


Teenage Skincare Advice Every Mom Should Give

Hey there girls! Teenage years are one of the most important phases in a girl’s life. The body goes through many changes which in fact reflect on the skin as well. It is therefore extremely important to take very good care of the skin in the early years. Today, we share with you Teenage Skincare Advice Every Mom Should Give to keep the skin healthy & glowing! Keep reading to find out more!

Teenage Skincare Advice Every Mom Should Give

Know Your Skin Type: It is quite understandable that teenage girls love to experiment! With so many new products flooding the market everyday, it gets difficult to resist the temptation! 😉 But every teenager should first get to know her skin type, whether it is dry, normal, combination or oily. Once this is clear, then skincare products should be chosen accordingly to keep the skin healthy & avoid any kinds of irritations or allergies.

Go Easy On Makeup: Rather than slathering on makeup, it is better to keep it natural. Excessive use of makeup can clog the pores & cause pimples & acne. It can even cause allergies in some cases.

Teenage Skincare Product list

Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend: Since teenage girls spend most of the time in sunlight, it is important to always put on sunscreen. Not only does it protect the skin form the harmful UV rays, but it also prevents early signs of ageing. In addition, it also helps to prevent the occurrence of spots & blemishes on the skin.

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The CTM Ritual: The face gathers a lot of dirt & dust during the day, so it becomes essential to follow the CTM ritual. Start by cleansing the face with a mild cleanser, followed by a toner & finally a moisturizer! This 3-step ritual helps to keep the skin clean, clear & healthy. Also, make sure you use the right products that suit your skin type!

how to layer oridnary skin care

Treat Acne Fast: Acne is a common problem with teenagers. Hormonal changes, diet & stress are the most common factors that cause acne. It is extremely important to act fast & treat acne the right way. One can also try natural homemade recipes & even consult a dermatologist depending on the severity. Moreover, one should also avoid touching the face again & again & popping out pimples since this only aggravates the situation.


Exfoliate! Exfoliation is a vital step to keep the skin healthy. Pick a good scrub & exfoliate once a week. This will help to get rid of all the dirt & impurities from the skin. It will also remove the layer of dead skin cells & make the skin clear. Additionally, you can also follow this step with a nourishing face mask to seal in the moisture & keep the skin healthy & glowing.

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle: Last, but definitely not the least, following a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy skin! Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. Take good 8 hours of sleep & exercise regularly. In addition, avoid oily & fatty foods & instead include healthy fruits & veggies in your diet. You should also avoid taking stress as much as possible.

Are you following these tips for a healthy skin?

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