Ten minutes potato salad recipe with video tutorial and pictures.


If you thought that salads are boring then try this one out.I will not suggest you to make this salad every day as it has potatoes and mayonnaise in it but when you have guest at home then this can make your guest go ga ga over it.Salad is a great side dish when you have nothing much on your menu to serveIf you have some boiled potatoes in your fridge then this recipe will not even take ten minutes.

Albeit Recipe is some almost similar my previous pasta salad but taste way different because of the potatoes.

Here goes the recipe:-

3 medium sized potatoes boiled and cut into pieces .

1 chopped onion

1/2 cup green capsisum chopped

Cilantro/corainder chopped for garnishing
(You can use spring onion too for garnishing)

Mayonnaise 1tbsp. or more.

Cream 1tbsp. or more

Grated cheddar cheese(optional I didn’t use it )

1tbsp lime juice or 1tsp vinegar

Salt (according to taste)

Black pepper(according to taste)

Method and preparation:-

Step1-Add boil chopped potatoes in a bowl.

Step2-Add chopped onion and capsicum.

Step3-Add cream, mayonnaise, cheese, salt , black pepper and lime juice.

Step4-Mix together all the ingredients and garnish with chopped coriander.

Here is the video

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  1. great recipe..and skipping cheese is a good option..there would be no guilt eating :)http://weddingonthecards.blogspot.com/

  2. a bit of cheese is essential for body but this one requires loads of it so I skip it…I loooove cheese and I wish to take one dip in the cheese drum before I die:D


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