Tested Hair Packs To Treat Hair Fall Problems


Tested Hair Packs To Treat Hair Fall Problems

Hair is very precious for all of us and constant hair fall feels more painful than a heartbreak. Well,one of the main reasons is that we stress too much on this thought that it just doesn’t stop falling. Stress is a big reason for problems like hair thinning , excessive hair fall and is not normal. Either you are not eating right or you are using the wrong products. The body indicates in these ways itself! So it is better to take hint and work on it instead of sitting back & thinking about why you are experiencing so much of hair fall lately!

tempons as hair curler

We have talked so many times about some must follow tips for hair care but today, we have some of the most effective tested packs & remedies to cure hair thinning & hair fall! Well, let me tell you, “Nothing worth having comes easy!” So you do have to put efforts to use them regularly to notice difference in your hair.

coconut hair mask

Don’t expect any magic in just 2-3 uses itself. Herbal remedies work slowly but they do for sure & with zero side effects.

Let me share some of the amazing Hair packs I came across which I am going to recommend to all those who are facing above average hair fall issues!

Fenugreek & Aloe Vera Hair Pack-

Soak fenugreek seeds as per your hair length at night. In the morning grind it into a smooth paste. Add fresh aloe vera gel to it. apply both of these together on your scalp with your fingers touching the hair roots.

Hair oil- Fenugreek-methi-seeds for hair oil

When you are done, massage your scalp with all the fingers slowly by pressing all over your head as if you are doing a self champi!

Soaked fenugreek seeds+at home hair remedies

Now let the hair pack stay on your head for about 30 minutes! Wear a shower cap if you feel like or just secure hair with a hair clip!

home made hair pack

After 30 minutes, wash off the hair pack and use a mild herbal shampoo to remove any residue of the hair pack you used! Let you hair  dry naturally. Use this hair pack two times a week. It works really well in keeping the mane strong and also make your look bouncy & full of volume!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Egg Hair Pack-

If you have thin hair and are experiencing hair fall, you will surely love this hair pack recipe. Just take one egg (or two depending upon your hair length & volume). Add 2tbsp olive oil in it. Also add two Vitamin E oil capsules, cut & mixed, and beat the mixture well.

egg white mask

With a hair crush apply the hair pack generously on the scalp by parting your hair each time you apply the pack! After you are done, wear a shower cap and just sit back or if you have any house chores to do, you can do that in the meanwhile! After 20-25 minutes rinse the hair pack in the shower.

home made hair mask

Wash your hair with a decent shampoo. Towel dry your hair and leave it like that. Do not use hair dryer & do not comb your hair while it is still wet!

Lemon & Curd Hair Pack-

Curd is an excellent substance to use if you suffering from hair problems. It conditions your hair, nourishes the scalp making the hair stronger so that your hair doesn’t fall easily while brushing your hair.


Take 3tbsp of thick curd. I would prefer the store bought curd as it is thicker in consistency as compared to we make at home. Add 2tbsp of lemon drops to it. You can also add 2tsp of coconut oil to make it more nourishing!

multanni mitti-curd face pack

Put it on the scalp and all over the hair length for a good 35-40minutes and rinse afterwards. Use this hair pack after every two days before shampoo! You will get good results for sure! 🙂

I hope you find these simple hair packs useful! Do try these and let us know what worked well for your hair issues!



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