The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Sentimental Dupe


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I am continuing my series of reviews for the The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shades. You would love this shade if you are a hot pink lover. This shade has blue undertones to it and is perfect for any skin tone. I fell for its completely perfect matte finish. This is one hot shade of this entire collection. If you have a fetish for this color, this one is a must have for you.

the balm liquid lipsticks review

Price – INR 400. You can buy from here

The color is definitely much in demand overall and this lipstick scores over the color but the matte and velvety finish are also not less and you would feel the need to apply it more regularly. The drying texture is a cause of worry for sure but you can definitely ignore it when you consider facts like affordability, matte finish, near brand perfection and a good color.

The packaging makes it travel friendly and easy to apply sponge applicator is of course a high point. It glides the color through your lips easily. The color does not settle in your fine lines and what you get finally is a perfect finish on your lips with this hot color. But one word of caution here, if you are having chapped lips, I would suggest you to avoid it as it might have bitter consequences. Even for others with normal to dry lips, I would suggest you to use a lip balm prior to application of this lipstick as it can really dry your lips out to dire circumstances. Also, always use an oil-based remover to remove these lipsticks as it would otherwise leave a stint every time you apply them.

the balm matte liquid lipsticks -devoted-001

Why I am stressing on all these precautions is because these are Chinese products and something which has been warned time and again for Chinese products is better to be kept in mind. Otherwise these are nice lip shades and good dupes to buy at a reasonable cost. These are available through Shopclues and I have already reviewed many shades out of the palette for you here. Almost all colors are good for all skin types which obviously one can decide on according to skin tones and tastes.

the balm matte liquid lipsticks name and swatches
This hot pink color has been aptly named as Sentimental I feel as after using it I feel like using it more often and have almost got a sentimental feel attached to it 😛
Though not kidding, I am sure most of you would like this shade for its perfect matte look. It is comparable to brands like Sugar and is a good pick for all the age groups. I was wondering why of all options available, I chose to buy and try this brand but believe me now I do not doubt my decision as these certainly are good dupes which can give many originals a run for their money.
Hope you liked the reviews till now.

The Balm Sentimental liquid lipstick

I will keep sharing the review for the rest of the shades as and when I am ready post my experiments with them. Till then do try this shade and keep in mind all precautions to ensure you are in safe hands.

Take care!

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