The Balm Hot Mama Blush Review & Swatches


TheBalm Hot Mama Review & Swatches

Hi All,

Have you ever wanted a single makeup item that could take of 2-3 cosmetic needs at once? Ever felt like you’re torn in between wanting to travel light and still want to carry 3-4 extra make up items? Well, in that case, say Hello to TheBalm’s Hot Mama !!

I know the name does sound a bit racey but the blush is anything but that (actually come to think of it…it IS racey! πŸ˜‰ ). I picked this from 2 months back with the help of a pal and am thoroughly enjoying using it. I love multi-purpose products and this is one of them. It can be used as a highlighter for your cheeks and brows, but also as a blush and as an eye shadow too! Talk about multi-tasking right?

 The hot mama blush reviews

Doesn’t it look like a vintage collector’s item?? hehe..

Product Claim:

Hot Mama provides subtle color for the eyes and cheeks in a warm rosy tone. This convenient flip-up compact puts beauty at your finger tips, while the magnetic case keeps the makeup clean and safe in your purse or pocket. This dynamic color blends well with most skin tones for a naturally sunny appearance.

Apply to the eyelids, and/or cheeks as desired.

Product Features

  • Dynamic, verstile color
  • Comes in a sleek compact with magnet lip
  • A warm, sunny rose color for most skin tones
  • Puts beauty and glamour at your finger tips
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Price:  $17
  • Quantity:  7gms


TheBalm hot mama blush reviews and swatches

My take on the product: 

  • Packaging: This blush/shadow is packaged in book form. i.e. cardboard packaging with a flip top lid which is magnetic. I love the creative pin-up sorta picture and one liners they think up and mention on the front of the packaging..Its all so retro and brings a smile to the face even before you open it! πŸ™‚

This packaging is totally travel friendly and the pan is firmly attached to the box without a chance of any mishaps.

Hot mama blush reviews and swatches

  • Color: This blush is described as a peachy pink shade with golden shimmers and the color does stay true to its description πŸ™‚ It gives this amazing ethereal hue to my face and makes my glow in a non-disco dancer style πŸ˜‰
  • Pigmentation & Texture: This blush is very very soft and intensely pigmented. I don’t refer to just the golden hue but the color as well. Both are very pigmented and one needs just a tiny bit for a single use. It does take some practice using it to gauge how much product is right for you but once that’s done, you’re set. πŸ™‚

Hot Mama blush highlighter reviews and swatches

  • Staying Power: It stays on me for about 5-6hrs or so. It pretty decent although I have never tried it as an eye shadow so that may differ.


  • As a blush, I just sweep it with a fan/ blush brush from the pad of my cheek to the temples. I don’t use it on the apples of my cheek because I have a round face and the shimmer in the blush just highlight it furthermore.
  • As a highlighter, again  I use this with a fan brush and lightly apply on the high points of my cheeks.
  • On my eyes, I haven’t used it as an eyeshadow but I’ve used it as a brow highlighter and it works perfectly this way. The only piece of advice is never to use this if you haven’t threaded your brows. If so, it just highlights the strays and it looks really really untidy :))
The Balm Hot Mama blush swatches+The balm product reviews India


The Balm Hot Mama blush swatches And reviews

What I liked about The Balm Hot Mama Blush  

  • It had multiple uses. Hence I don’t have to carry as many products when on the go.
  • Love the subtle peachy shade and the shimmers since they are not OTT and the shimmers aren’t chunky either.
  • Texture is soft and is very very pigmented; so you wouldn’t need much.
  • This will last an entire lifetime…if not 2!
  • Staying power is quite good.
  • Packaging is sturdy unlike a lot of boxed make up products.
  • It has a mirror which is super useful for touch ups.
  • Cruelty- free

What I do not like about The Balm hot Mama Blush 

  • Not available in India
  • Not everyone would find the cardboard packaging comfortable to use.
  • A bit on the pricier side


  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Staying Power: 4/5
  • Availability: 2.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4/5

Have any of you used this?

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  1. hey Ana di and girls! , just a silly question, I too would love to post looks and send reviews for the beauty stuffs I own on wiseshe..can i contribute? if yes how? I love trying out looks and think wiseshe would be a fun platform to submit looks n reviews! :dance-leftright:

  2. How many blushes do you posses Zee??? !!!! Show us the entire collection in a go…i cant die a slow ‘green’ death…

    I too find it light, Ze pe accha lagta hoga…it will vanish o me…but ya as a highlighter seems like a great one..

    • i hav so many yaar..wont fit in one frame πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ and plus..i dont want u to die in any case…so m saving u in a way na πŸ˜‰

  3. bas…ab toh I am going to kill you Z! :evilgrin: TheBalm is my mostest favoritest dream-brand…more than even Mac UD Nars Mufe and all…you have the most enviable collection ever!!!

    • Is The Balm such a famous brand..i never heard about it…infact i got to know so many brands through Wiseshe…else i was soo duhhh

      • oh its a very very phamous brand…they have some of the best products///e
        s especially..their shades r so awesome..and piugmentation is so outta the world..

        • Hi Zee………i have heard about this brand but never came across it………..thanx for the review……… :yes: now i will try it πŸ˜‰

  4. The blush looks so adorable…the packaging is really cute…i an sure it would be an awesome highlighter, but not sure if it would look good as a blush on me

  5. baapre…………………………. get up picture. is so hot………………………… suits the name…………………… very very nice shade :-)) :-))

  6. hey swats! Hw u doin??

    I luv thebalm too! and as always i wish these were more accessable..but once u mmarry nars owner this may b possuble…wot say?? Or do u wana marry thebalm owner now?? Abhi bol de while u still can switch..baad me u wont gt the chance..

  7. hey mits! I luv all my blushes yaar…m so obsessed with them..cant wait fr my inglot ones t cm..hehe…

    This works well for me..but pata hai it wud luk so sexy as an es also..i saw a video on utube with this on the eyes and it luked so amazing!


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