The Best Blush Hacks To Learn Right Now!


The Best Blush Hacks To Learn Right Now!

We always think that blush is only meant to highlight our cheekbones and we can only think of using them as warmer that give glow to cheeks. Though there are various different uses for blush.

I have got you some unique uses of blush that can be a life saver, So here goes all blush hacks to learn right now

Find the right color-

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Knowing your skin tone is the key to finding a shade that will work perfectly for you. Pink, peach color suits well on fair skin while rose or apricot warms up the medium skin tone. Plump and brick red intensify the darker skin tone.

Apply your cream blush before foundation-

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Take a sufficient amount of your cream blush on your cheeks and then blend it out evenly with the help of brush or your finger tip. It will give you natural-looking glowing cheeks that will last the whole day long.

Applying your blush as eye shadow-

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You can match your eye shadow and blush by using the same blush as your eye shadow and it will give you a monochromatic look. Just rub a generous amount of blush over your lids; you can use a brush to blend it evenly. Don’t forget to blend it slightly above the crease to give “a warm sense of color.”

Makes the lipstick work as a blush-


You can use your satin or matte finish lipstick as your blush and can give your cheeks that rosy glow. Just Sweep your finger across the lipstick and Smile in the mirror to find the apples of your cheeks then rub your fingers gently along the upper half of the apples as your work your way across the cheekbone. Repeat it until it blends evenly.

Sweep your tan line away-

Take a big powder brush, dip it in blush and blend it well! Eventually, you’ll find that your tan line disappears.

Seal with powder-

Apply a light coat of powder all over your face. It will work as seal for blush and will make it last for all the day long.

Compliment your blush with lipstick-

It’s not necessary that your blush and lipstick should match, but they should be in the same fraternity to enhance your features more prominently.


Turn your blush into lip satin- Mix a hint of blush with Vaseline and create your lip satin. You can mix your favorite color to create lip satin of your own choice.

Give glossy finish to your powder blush- You can use Vaseline to give your blush a glossy finish. Just blend your blush well and seal it with a minute layer of Vaseline. Do not over use Vaseline otherwise your blush hack will turn into faux pas.

Di you know these amazing blush hacks?

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