The Best Post Workout Skincare Routine


The Best Post Workout Skincare Routine

It is often observed that the skin glows after workout! Well, it is correct as the skin tends to release of lot sweat and other impurities and there is a fast circulation of blood throughout the body which gives that instant flush of glow to the skin! Well, to make the most of the post-workout glow, you need to follow a proper skincare routine so as to make your skin problem free and naturally glowing!


The skin care routine after your workout session is most essential to remove all residue of sweat. Since it builds bacteria leads to acne and dull skin. This routine doesn’t involve any special requirement and can be done by using these simple and easy steps-


Thorough Face Wash

The first and foremost thing to do after work-out is to wash your face immediately. We sweat a lot during work out and it tends to clog the pores, and this subsequently leads to blackheads, whitehead and breakouts on your face.

Take a Shower


Your body sweat can lead to body acne commonly known as back or hand acne. Hop in the shower as soon as possible to wash off all the sweat that has build up on your skin. Cold water shower helps in stimulates your immune system, closes the pore and accelerates your metabolism and will likely make you lose a few more calories and Helps to reduce inflammation.

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While hot water showers relax the muscles and allow blood to flow freely into muscles and help promote toxin removal from the skin. If it is not possible just clean the acne prone area with the help of gentle alcohol free wipe.

Rehydrate your Skin & Body

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Water is the best recovery drink to rehydrate your skin as well as your body, but you can also try low-fat chocolate milk Take a few minutes to keep your skin and hydrated and healthy by applying a generous amount of your favorite facial moisturizer and body lotion. If you have dry skin, argan oil is a wonderful antioxidant-rich post-workout moisturizer.

Always Say yes to SPF

Sunscreen lotion products

Before you leave the gym, protect your precious skin. Apply a layer of sun protection, even in winter too. This is not something you can ignore under any circumstances, as sunscreen protects you from UV rays, which cause skin cancer and premature aging. Choose a broad-spectrum lotion that will have an SPF of 30, which will be good enough to prevent the harmful effects of constant UV exposure.

Protection in Swimming Pool

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If you are going for swimming, then you need to be extra careful because chlorine and other chemicals present in the water tend to harm your skin.

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Apply a very good face moisturizer before diving in and you can protect your skin from moisture loss while you are in the pool.


Remove your sweaty clothing as soon as possible and wear your dry-fit cotton clothes.

Have you tried this Post-workout Skincare routine?

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