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Hair oiling or a ‘Champi’ is as important as shampooing and conditioning your hair. Though there are various ‘Oils in Cream’ kind of products in the market, the regular and traditional oil has no substitute option. We generally oil our hair every week to make it more manageable and strong, but do you do it in the right way? Well, if not, then this post is there to help you out. Presenting some of the tips on the best way to oil your hair. Dig in!

How to Oil your Hair – The Best way to oil your hair:

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Choose the right oil for your hair: Choosing the right Carrier Oils for your hair is of utmost importance and for that we have provided a detailed guideline of the type of oil you need for your hair type at the end.

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Blend some essential oils of your choice: For the extra added benefits, blend some Essential Oils of your requirement to the carrier oils. If you have dandruff, then choose Tea Tree Oil whereas if you have Hair fall issues, Rosemary Essential oil works best.   

Use the right quantity: Don’t let your emotions flow when you mix the oil in a bowl. Use the right quantity of every oil, whether carrier oil or essential oil. This will help the oil to give you proper nutrition.

Heat the oil: A little heating of the oil is absolutely required to make the massage for effective for the hair.

Divide your hair: One should divide the hair into small segments and then apply the oil to the roots. In this way it will be beneficial to the hair as well the roots.

Apply the oil: Application of the oil is of utmost importance in a massage and the right quantity of oil is a must. One shouldn’t pour the whole oil on the scalp and take little quantity every time.

Massage well: Massaging is the key to any head massage whether with or without oil. One should massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes using light fingertips. Rubbing with palms is simply not the way and that can lead to excess hair damage.

Leave it: Leave the oil overnight and wash off the next morning with shampoo and conditioner.

Spa Like effect: For the spa-like effect, wrap a hot towel all over the hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Make sure the towel is moderately hot as too much heat can damage the roots.

How to Choose Oil for Hair:

Oily Hair: Oily hair looks greasy due to excess production of sebum in the scalp. An oil that regulates the production of sebum is needed like olive, coconut or almond.

Dry Hair: Dry hair is really hard to manage as it is prone to breakage, split ends and tangles. For this hair type, an oil that accelerates the production of sebaceous glands is needed. One can opt for coconut, jojoba, mustard, cocoa seed, almond oil for this kind of hair.

Normal Hair: For normal hair, any type of oil works best as the hair is neither greasy nor dry. Almond, Jojoba or Amla oil are some of the options for this kind of hair type.

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