The Body Care Natural Sunscreen SPF 45 Review


By Ishika,                                              THE BODYCARE by nature-SUNSCREEN WITH MATT FINISH
I just cannot survive in the scorching heat of Delhi without using a sunscreen. I had been using gel based sunscreen by Lotus since quite sometime and was pretty satisfied. On my recent visit to the cosmetic store, this new brand with whole range of products caught my eye. The sales girl was more then willing to oblige me with her services and I didn’t think twice in buying it seeing the different fruit extracts that it contains along with my favorite aloevera.

The Body Care Nature Sunscreen with matte finish SPF 45

Product Details:

What the Sunscreen Claims :-

  • The Body Care Sunscreen SPF 45 is a matte finish sunscreen that provides 45 times protection against sunburns without leaving a shining effect to your skin. It is an ultra moisturizing product which is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It will not only protect you from harmful rays, but also keep your skin soft, healthy and shine free.
  • Price :-Available in 100ml for 160INR
  • Ingredients:Benzophenone-3, Micronise Titaniumdioxide, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Water Melon Extract, Carrort extract, Black Berry extract, Aloe vera
  • Directions for use:Squirt a little amount of sunscreen on your palm, apply it generously to all exposed areas about 15 minutes before going out in sun. To provide maximum effectiveness reapply it twice a day.



My experience with Body Care Natural Sunscreen SPF 45


I have a combination skin which is mix of both oily and dry. So, banking upon a sunscreen specially for face has always been too much of hassle for me.


What I Liked about Body Care Natural Sunscreen SPF 45

  • It comes in a bright orange color tube with a flip cap which makes it easy to carry.
  • Contains carrot, watermelon and blackberry extracts along with aloevera which makes it an ideal product especially for summers.
  • It has a thick consistency and one tube lasts easily for around 1 and a half month.
  • I have been using it on my hands and feet. Trust me it works.
  • It is non-greasy and get absorbed easily. My skin does not sweat after using it.
  • It has SPF 45+ which was a major reason for me buying this.

Natural organic sunscreen

What I did not like about Body Care Natural Sunscreen SPF 45

  • It doesn’t suit my face. My skin looks little oily after using this. It could be because I have a mix of oily and dry skin. It works well for my hands and feet though.
  • It looks and feels like you are using lacto calamine lotion. So someone who doesn’t like lacto calamine, will not like this either.

My Recommendation

Although this product doesn’t suit my face but still I will use it because it works really well for my hands and feet.I will suggest you to try it once at least

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  1. Nice review dear..but i haven’t seen this brand here.. 🙁 🙁

    i have also tried the gel based lotus sunscreen..but for some odd reason i cant stand the smell..i luv their matte-feel sunscreen though..amazing!

  2. i picked it from a local cosmetic store…later on i also saw it in another shop called “Sensation”…you might be able to get it online!!!

  3. @Zara: I am not too sure about the sites…will check up and let u know
    @Anamika: I picked it from Shakti waala shop in Ghanta Ghar


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