The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review


The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review+best makeup brushes

What the company claims:

Best if you want: An indispensable, soft-bristle makeup brush that is just the right size for applying blushers and bronzers.

How it works:

  • Super-soft synthetic hairs are long-lasting and specially cut to be extra gentle on delicate face skin.
  • Wide, flat tapered head is ideal for applying and blending powder formulations.
  • Slightly tapered handle makes the brush easy to hold and use for controlled, precise applications.

 The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review packed+cosmetic brushes

  • Price: Around INR600
  • How to use: Using the Blusher Brush, blend Cheek Color into the middle of the cheek in a circular motion and then build up the color as desired. Sweep Shimmer Waves, Brush On Beads or Bronzing Powder evenly across the entire face or just the cheekbones

My story on how I landed up with Body Shop Blusher Brush:-

Until a year ago, I was unaware that The Body Shop made makeup brushes. So I was taken by surprise when I spotted a niche at the TBS store where there was a display of “award-winning” makeup brushes. A good foundation brush was on my list and I decided to pick one up. Since I couldn’t find one on the shelves, I asked the SA who promptly went inside and got me one. Once the billing was done, I headed out of the mall to my car and surveyed all that I’d bought that day in excitement. I thankfully managed to read the handle of the brush and realized that the SA had given me a blush brush instead of a foundation brush. I’d failed to notice it since they’re quite remarkably similar in shape and size. I rushed back to the store only to be informed that the foundation brush was out of stock and that they’d call me when they get it (which they claimed would be 2 weeks). In the meantime, I was to retain the blush brush and the bill. Before leaving, the guy at the counter asked me not use the brush to be exchanged. I was like “obviouslyyyy” D-uh!

The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review bristles+makeup brush reviews

Anyways, 2 weeks passed and I did not receive any call. I called them and was told it’d take another 2 weeks. A month passed and I was beginning to get impatient. Another issue was that I’d already left the city and so had to leave the brush and bill at my mom’s place. During this period, I couldn’t forget how incredibly soft these brushes were since I had tested them at the store. I was just dying to try them and waiting so long after having paid for a brush seemed like torture. I looked up reviews online and realized that the blush brush received better reviews than the foundation brush. So I finally decided to retain this one. Phew! Yeah, I know, long boring story 😛 But I simply had to tell u guys since I’d promised to do so in my brushes and accessories haul post, plus, there was query put up on wiseshe where I’d asked for opinions on the foundation brush. Thanks to those who replied and a bigger thanks to those who actually patiently read this entire rigmarole! :cute:

The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review blusher+blush brush

What I like about The Body Shop Blusher Brush:-

  • Bristles are extremely soft and this brush is a treat to use on the face…feels like pure silk!
  • Handle is of medium  length being neither too short nor too long and the matte-black tone looks classy and attractive
  • Unique handle shape is comfortable to hold, very sturdy and is actually designed so to help the brush stand upright by itself (although I’m not sure how many would make use of this feature)
  • Bristles are gorgeously shiny and glisten under lights. Not that it really matters but it sure is a pick me up
  • The handles are labeled to avoid confusion and the print stays intact
  • This brush is great for highlighting and contouring
  • Blends cream blushes with ease since the bristles are not made of natural hair and do not absorb too much product.
  • Once you get the hang of it, it applies powder blush well and the bristles splay just enough to diffuse the product evenly without any patches
  • Helps in precise application because of the tapered end and it picks up the right amount of product
  • Can be used to apply loose powder to set under-eye concealers. The shape and size fits the eye contour area perfectly
  • If you generally powder only your T-zone or specific areas of your face, this brush is a great option to use with compacts or loose powders
  • The small size aids in picking up specific shades from shimmer strips/bricks, color wheels or mosaic powders.
  • Easy to wash and dries fairly quickly
  • Bristles do not bleed or shed and retain their shape even after repeated washes
  • Vegan and cruelty-free. Bristles are synthetic and not made of animal hair. Plus, TBS claims to plant a tree in the place of every tree they cut down to use the wood for the handles of their brushes

 The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review handle+best make up brushes

What I don’t like about The Body Shop Blusher Brush:-

  • Appears too flat for a blush brush. Takes a bit of practice to get used to the odd shape particularly  if you’re using it purely for powder blushes and are accustomed to the traditional, round and fluffy ones
  • Looks very similar to The Body Shop Foundation brush and it’s hard to differentiate the two without reading the label on the handle. (Not truly a con, but something to bear in mind if you’re planning to purchase both)
  • Because of the slightly bulky handle, this does not fit into conventional brush belts/rolls/holders. It also takes up a bit more space than regular brushes
  • Not properly packaged. Comes in a thin, flimsy, clear, plastic cover with a re-sealable (and not re-usable) sticky end with no product description. Mine looked like it had already been opened several times :confused:
  • A bit of glue is peeking through where the handle meets the ferrule. Not something that I want to see in a brush of this price range :-/

 The Body Shop Blusher Brush Review bristles ferrule+makeup brushes

Rating: As a blush brush, I’d rate this 4/5 (simply because I personally prefer fluffier ones). But as a multi-utility brush, I’d rate this 4.7/5

Final thoughts:

I honestly would have not bought this brush if not for the mix-up. But am glad it landed in my kit since the handle design is very unique, lovely to hold and the bristles are the softest I’ve ever countered (I even find them softer than my Sigma brushes). Going by the shape and density, I believed I’d end up with a stark strip on color on my cheek, but surprisingly this blends the blush really well. The tapered end fits the contours of the face beautifully and is great to use with bronzers, highlighters, compacts, loose powder (to set under eye concealer), shimmers strips, mosaic powders and the like. The synthetic bristles are an added bonus since this can also be used with cream products and is easy to wash and maintain. I would have called this a well made brush if not for the ugly bit of glue peeking through. Worth a try since these are some of the few good-quality brushes we get in India without having to pay hefty shipping charges.

Have you tried Body Shop Blusher Brush?

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  1. I have got his, along with their kabuki and powder brush i love love them, its been 1 n half years, but they r as good as new, no shedding and all, very nice detailed review! :yes:

  2. I think is a great ool for contouring with powder bronzer.
    Dont regret buying it. Infact I was looking for a slant brush that not very expensive. I am heading straight to TBS now.


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