The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream Review



Ever since the chocomania range was launched I was dying to run right in and hoard the whole range, but be aware ladies, try not to go overboard just because it’s chocolate!!!


The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream +Body shop chocomania shower gels



  • Price: Rs.395
  • Quantity: 250ml
  • Packaging: The usual transparent plastic TBS bottle
  • Availability: “The Body Shop” (this is probably a limited range )


About Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream

This pearlescent shower cream contains real cocoa butter and has a decadently chocolatey scent. It is soap-free and will not dry out the skin. Wear it, love it, but don’t eat it. Soap-free. Lather-rich. Indulgent chocolate scent.”

Chocomania Shower Cream Body Shop reviews+Shower cream body shop +body shop


Let me start by telling you of all the products in this range the shower cream truly looks and smells like chocolate! A whiff of this takes you to pure chocolate heaven, however it isn’t overtly sweet smelling which would be a turn off, body shop has got this one bang on right.

When I used it felt like pouring down chocolate syrup all over me……… This is the first time I have been seduced by a body wash, and I am not complaining!!! My bathroom smells like choco wonderland after I use this!!!!!

The body wash is luxuriously creamy and lathers more than the normal TBS shower gels, which came as a surprise! So you need a very little amount for your whole body

But the after effect is the best part, This shower cream leaves my skin extra soft, something that has been missing during the winters.

Sadly the chocolate smell is rather faint on the skin and wears off in an hour or so, this was the only dampener on an otherwise fabulous product.

Pro's of TBS chocomania Shower Cream reviews


Pro’s of TBS chocomania Shower Cream:

  •  Amazing  chocolate fragrance
  • Very good lathering property
  • Good hydration
  • Luxurious texture
  • Decently priced compared to rest of the range
  • Soap free!!!


Cons of TBS chocomania Shower Cream:

  • Smell isn’t long lasting
  • When compared to their cocoa butter range , this seems even more moisturizing, so do give this a try!


Overall rating: 4/5 (if only the smell lasted all day, shya….)


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  1. Ah this entire range is a glorious one..I hav d sugar scrub and dats so amazing..d fragrance also lasts longer 🙂 I so wana get this..

  2. ana..just a query..u know any good vit c containg daily cream/moisturiser or serum for day time apart from TBS?
    coz am 26 now and was using pond gold radiance for whole winter which was just awesome..but am planning pregnancy in the next 6 months and gold is not good vit c is the best next to gold for radiance and anti ageing;p

  3. I just had chocolate mousse… n now THIS! Aah chocolate blissss…………….. (i just realized therez a “poop” smiley but no “chocolate” smiley :-/

  4. :eat: :eat: :eat: i m so going to drink it 😛 😛
    the nly prob wid body shop shower gels is the smell doesnt linger fr long 🙁

    I love long lasting smells esp in summers


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