The Body Shop Cranberry Body Polish Review


Body Shop Cranberry Body Polish Review

Body shop cranberry body polish reviews+Body shop body polish reviews

The truth is I purchased this body polish cause it’s looks so cute and the point that it was during Christmas then the packaging added the whole festive feeling ….don’t you think this looks so festive and beautiful?  No??  Well it sure did appeal to me that I grabbed it, liked it and also gifted the same to my friend and she is loving it too.

 This is a special edition release and normally not available in TBS shop or site, I try to find this in all TBS site but nothing is there, so ya am lucky to have one more TBS limited edition product what you say? 😀  But then that’s to make myself happy, I think now the same product is called Cranberry Joy Body Scrub which comes in a tub and that packing looks good too.

  • Product ~  The Body Shop Cranberry Body Polish
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price ~ SGD 10 for 75ml

About Body Shop Cranberry Body polish 

Spoil your skin with a moisturizing, soap-free cleanser full of rich, creamy, skin-softening lather and a classic, clean scent.  Smooth and polish your skin using a luxurious, lightly-scented gel-based polish with exfoliating cranberry seeds, walnut shell and evening primrose. * Cranberry fruit extract provides a sweet, fruity fragrance. * Cranberry seeds, crushed walnut shell and evening primrose seeds gently exfoliate skin. * Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions skin.

  • How to use Body Polish  ~ Squeeze onto the palms of your hands and scrub over your body.

Body shop cranberry body polish ingredients+Body polishing +skin care

My Experience with Body Shop Cranberry Body Polish

 The body polish comes in a plastic tube with festive touch to its label design. The plastic is clear which lets me know how much of the product is left. Also, It’s easy to get the body polish out of the tube until I was nearing the end, and then it seemed reluctant to move in spite of lots of squeezing! This Cranberry Body Polish looks like a thick shower gel and have a quite a heavy consistency. The gel has nice shade of red which again fits in with the festive and cranberry themes and also contains cranberry seeds and crushed walnut shell for exfoliating and gently scrubbing away dead and dull skin cells.

 *In the picture it didn’t lather much cause I forgot to wet my hand first with water!

body shop body polish reviews cranberry

 The product itself is a jelly type consistency which is easy to lather up without it running away before you get chance to rub it in like lot of exfoliators. The smell is so nice.   Overall, to me it’s look more like cranberry sauce …hehe you can’t take away the food blogger from me 😉  …but then ya it’s like thick sauce and crushed seeds.

 I don’t have list of ingredients as the font of the ingredients is really tiny  and it’s not available in TBS site too but it sure has cranberry :p

 I love the tangy fruity smell of cranberries, and this Cranberry Body Polish has a rich fragrance. The cranberry smell is heavy although there is a little edge of sweetness to it that balances out and makes for a very pleasant fruity fragrance.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells leaving skin refreshed and looking healthy and we all know smoothing the surface and boosting blood circulation. The wonderful thing about this Body Polish is  does not cause skin to become dry or irritated. I found that the texture of the scrub made it easy to spread over skin and it’s foam up into a nice rich lather, also it requires only a tiny amount since it’s lathers well.

After use skin feels smooth, clean, pleasant and it’s smells great …makes me happy 🙂

  • Cons ~ Due to limited edition difficult to find.

but if you find it then don’t miss it.

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  1. This looks yumm :drool: I love the festive packaging but i find the smell of this range a li’l strange. I was expecting it to be sweet n fruity…but it was kinda sour :-((


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