The Body Shop Facial Buffer Review


This is my second purchase of body shop facial buffer and I don’t know why I didn’t review it before.Body Shop bath  gloves and facial buffer are my two dear companions in my bathroom especially when I am confused of what to use and when I am in super hurry.

The Body Shop Facial Buffer Review

  • Body Shop Facial Buffer – A gentle exfoliating sponge to polish your skin while cleansing, leaving it feel refreshed and looking radiant. Use daily for a gentle skin boost. Particularly good for use on dry skin that needs to be exfoliated regularly. Use every morning or evening to help remove dead skin cells. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Price – Rs 149

  • Available – In all body shop outlets

  • How To use – I have used the face exfoliator with almost every thing possible.I wet my face and pour few drops of  facewash over it , put my fingers in the clothe strip so that I can hold it easily .Gently massage the face with the buffer for about one minute. Be it soap(Dove, Pears), body wash, face washes etc.It almost gives same types of result with every thing which I use. I have used it with cleanser too and it works pretty fine with that also.:)

Body shop facial buffer is a small round tiny pad which is covered with a textured nylon.It is not very smooth when you touch it and it shouldn’t be if one is thinking of exfoliation.:D:D .Very flexible and easy to carry around when one is  traveling.

Best Buffer Body Shop Facial Buffer Review

What I like about Body Shop Facial Buffer

  • It works for all skin types be it oily, dry or combination.
  • I use the buffer specially on days when my skin doesn’t feel smooth or it has whiteheads or blackheads on it.
  • If you have sensitive skin then be very gentle with it and don’t go over board  and acne prone skin should avoid the area of  breakouts while using it.I stop using it when I suffer from acne.Also, if you have acne prone skin then I suggest you should wash it with warm water more frequently.
  • It really exfoliates the skin well , removes dead skin cells and continuous use of the buffer reduces the tendency of blackheads and whiteheads too.
  • My skin feels smooth  after every usage.

Body Shop Facial Buffer Review

Strip around the buffer is strong and even if kept under water for long it doesn’t weaken. Even the body shop prints stays for long 😀

How to get smooth skin

It is small tiny pad .I placed it near  lakme true wear nail color  just to give you an idea.:)

Facial Buffer Review

  • It lasts easily 6-7 months for me and if one washes it warm water say about every 15 days then it might last longer too.
  • Decently priced
  • It gives my skin an awake feeling.
  • I always carry it on my long trips.Very travel friendly but only thing is one has to find out a good place to keep it as it doesn’t have any covering of its own.

Dislike –

  • Lathers well and when I over pour the face wash over it then it becomes little difficult to take out all the face wash from it.
  • One needs to take care of its hygiene.
  • Chances of going overboard with it once or twice is certain :D.It is kind of addictive.

Using it thrice or maximum of four times is more than enough otherwise it will lead to over exfoliation.

Will I recommend it to others- Certainly I will 🙂 It is very economical , less time consuming and great exfoliate which is great to be used especially during summers  when our skin deals with sweat, dirt, pollution , blackheads and what not 😀

Wise She Rating – 4/5



  1. nopes it is way different than a facial sponge :D:D i have used many of them :D:D

    by the way couldn’t reply u back because was out of charge in my cell..

    Congratulations on India Wins..:)

      • yaa but they deserve it …they stay away from family …have strict schedules and practice so much..

        i feel so happy for Tendulkar…he has got everything in cricket what he could ask for:)

        • hey, lots of congratulations for the world cup. the match was nerve wrecking but all felt so well after dhoni’s six. i m loving the buffer. its awesome. just need to be handled lil carefully.

          • ohh yaa ….needs little hygiene…my previous one became so dirty that i had to throw it away ..have you tired their gloves as well ashu??

          • YUP whenever Yuvraj use to say that this world cup is for special some one i thought he is planning to get married but it was for Sachin..choo shweet 🙂

            • lol! no i read it in newspaper, his father said that this might be sachin or some baba he is following.
              u like yuvraj na??? if u find him sweet that means u like him otherwise yuvraj n sweet :-/

  2. I have bought this but used it only once…read its review at tanveer’s blog and then bought it…for the only time I used the results were good but seriously even I get confused on what to use 🙂 this buffer or the face scrub…

      • oh..I always get confused about whether to use the scrub or this buffer coz I guess using them both together would be pretty heavy duty on the face…I used it on the neck too but one has to be really gentle on the neck otherwise it can seriously bruise the neck especially the back side…

  3. Hi Anamika,

    I’ve just started reading your blog since a few days back and really like the reviews you post 🙂

    Just wanted to know..Is this buffer soft enough on the face? I dont suffer from acne or anything, but i do have very sensi skin..Even a light scrape would result in a redness and rashes.. 🙁 So, would this still be a good buy?

    • If you have sensitive skin then use soft hand .the more you apply the force harsher the buffer will be.Initially when u use it you might feel little weird but after wards one gets comfortable with it.

      Thanks for the feedback Zara..Hopw to see you around and do let me know if you want to know more:)
      Have a gr8 day ahead:)


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