The Body Shop Kistna Eau De Toilette Review


By Priti,

Body Shop Kistna Eau De Toilette

We do lot of product review for women but then how can we forget the Men in our life. So I try to do the review of Men products 😉 as it’s so difficult to choose a gift for Men …am sure you gals agree with me on that. It’s like what to gift and break my head! Most of the time I get perfume be it anyone …that’s the best bet for me. Last time I wanted to gift something to DH but then confuse on which perfume to choose as whatever I liked he already has and I end up buying one from Body Shop and it has been a wise decision.

This fragrance was released in 2002 and also features a Kistna shower gel which can be bought in a gift set with the fragrance. You can also buy an after shave balm. As you would expect this fragrance is a little cheaper than you would find with some of the more well known fragrances.

body shop kistna eau de toilette review

  • Product ~ Body Shop Kistna Eau De Toilette

  • For ~ MenPrice ~

  • Price -  SGD 39.90 or INR 995 for 100ml

  • Product Claim ~ A contemporary, fresh and green fragrance inspired by nature.
  • How to use ~ Spray directly onto the face, avoiding the eyes, and/or neck pulse points.

Our Experience with the Body Shop fragrance


Body shop perfumes comes in glass bottles like any other perfume and this one is olive in colour (very pretty rite?) with product name n details. As you can see the fragrance is in olive colour too.  Oh well it’s actually a cologne so one can spray on the face or use it as perfume.  How cool is that?

The fragrance is described by the Body Shop as a contemporary, fresh and green fragrance inspired by nature and that’s exactly what this toilette is when you first smell this you are hit with how fresh and crisp the scent is.  One of very good cologne I came across it’s just hit like a refreshing breath of air.


Ingredients used are:


Fragrance notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and orange – combine to create fresh citrus top notes.

Fragrance notes of thyme, basil and geranium – combine to create herb-like heart notes.

Fragrance notes of patchouli, cedarwood and tree moss – combine to create warm woody base notes.


The Body Shop - Kistna Eau De Toilette review

So you see it’s fruity with herbs ..just so right.   It’s perfect to wear on a day time but then I find it good for the evenings too.  It’s specially good for summer time due to it’s refresh notes.

Now the best part, I personally know few gals who use this toilette too so it’s like for unisex.  What else to expect from a toilette, it’s us a cologne and perfume for both men n women isn’t it wonderful?


The Body Shop Kistna Eau de Toilette by The Body Shop review


What I do not like about Body Shop Kistna Eau De Toilette

  • I don’t like the cap, very tiny one can easily drop the bottle 🙁
  • It stays for only couple of hours.  The only disadvantage comparing it to branded perfumes.

Bottom Line: It’s a one versatile toilette which won’t disappoint any one (other than it doesn’t stays long) and it’s amazing fragrance it’s wow.  Money worth!


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  1. nice review………………now men will read this blog too …………product’s colour is very nice …………….i think it has a refreshing fragnance which the color expresses :-)) :-))

  2. nice review….

    I just gifted this perfume to my guy on his birthday….he loves it…and i find the smell very sexy…jus perfect

  3. seriously i am tired of shopping for my hubby..first i use to get horizontal striped shirts , then came some flowers one then stripes changed direction..just no fun like we girls have..

    • anamika i have bought new lakme 9 to 5 forever silk eyeliner today………….the shade is gypsy green…………the product is nice to me. 🙂 🙂

  4. ya rite…….
    we get to have a lot of fun…clothes, makeup, bags, belts, jewellery…the list goes on and on…And again THANK GOD for that.. 😉

  5. yes how would i survived without these choices…we need choices in everything..

    This shows God love us so much :D:D

  6. the moment i saw Body shop. i guessed it was Priti’s review….and bingo, i was right 😉 😉 😉

    but priti don’t be upset about the staying power coz all Eau De toilette have less staying power than Eau De perfume…so we should always see “Eau De perfume” lable on the bottle b4 purchasing 😉 :dog:

  7. I agree with Prerana..the minute i saw TBS, i knew it was gona be Priti’s review.. 🙂 🙂

    I love the look of this perfume..i want it for myselff!!!! Infact, i think i’d appreciate it more than hubs.. 😛

  8. nice review priti..colour is so pretty 🙂
    anamika-howz ur headache now anu 🙂 wat did the doc say???tc dear :rose:


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