The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry Review


The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry 

Lip butters are always a thing of interest to me. Reason is my dry flaky lips. I am reviewing The Body Shop Lip butter in the flavour Blueberry.

I bought this lip butter together with the TBS Blueberry Shower Gel.


The body shop lipbutter blueberry


Price: ‎£ 4

Package: A cute tiny tub in the color of blueberries. A screw cap tub is very attractive to look. You would want to pick it up even if you have enough stock of lipbutters and lipbalm in your drawer.


TBS lipbutter blueberry


Fragrance: Amazing, stunning, excellent, delicious, yumm, lovely, what all can I use to describe the smell of this lip butter. It is really great and the fragrance stays on for a very long time.

Texture: Now, this is where I loose interest in this lip butter. The lip balm is white milky wax product. The swatch should explain how it looks.

It is extremely creamy on the lips and moisturizes the lips very well. The dry flakes gets softened and can be easily scrubbed. The top layer of the lip becomes very smooth and soft.


TBS blueberry lipbutter ingredients


But the lip butter doesn’t loose its whitish cast like look. How much ever little you use, it gives that pale white looking lips. It does not melt on applying on the lips.

So, I decided to use only during night time. But then next morning, there would be a waxy line on the lips and again getting rid of the waxy line is a nuisance.

Now I don’t like using this lip butter at all for its texture.

I do not recommend this lip butter whole heartedly to any one. But I love the fragrance and how it feels on the lips. Just the white waxy layer is a problem with me.


TBS blueberry lipbutter swatch


Rating: 2.5/5 (The non-melting white milky texture takes away all the quality points.)

I am not sure if anyone else have experienced this. But I am a little skeptical about this tub.

What I like about The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry:

  • Cute tub package
  • Moisturizes the lips very well.
  • Excellent fragrance.
  • Fragrance stays for quite a long time.
  • Softens dry flakes on the lips which can be easily scrubbed away.

What I don’t like about The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry:

  • The lip butter leaves a whitish cast in the lips.
  • The lip balm does not melt on applying.
  • Makes the lips look pale and milky like.

Have you tried The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry?

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