The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream Review


By Shreya,

The Body Shop Moisture Whiteâ„¢ Shiso BB Cream SPF 25 PA+++ Review

Recently  Body Shop  launched Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB cream in India.This cream is much hyped and a fad too as it contains Shiso which is a herb that is suppose to  be wonder ingredient  for skin .Shisho has vitamin C which is suppose to be the best ingredient for skin whitening.

Price of Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream is Rs 1095 for 30ml

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream review

What the body shop product claims:

This multi-action make-up base creates fairer-looking skin in an instant and conceals, soothes and protects. Available in a tube for ease of application.

Conceals blemishes and fine lines with a clean, natural finish that feels fresh and lets skin breathe. Corrects the colour of skin to give a one tone lighter complexion, soothes dryness and improves over-all skin tone and texture thus giving skin a radiant glow. Protects from UV thanks to its SPF 25 and PA +++.  Can be used alone as a moisturiser for oily skin types, over day time moisturiser for drier skin types or under make-up to provide an added layer of confidence and protection.

Shiso extract – reduces early melanin-making signals even before the hyperpigmentation process and melanin production cycle starts – helping prevent uneven skin tone, brown spots and freckles
Vitamin C – provides anti-oxidant protection helping to reduce the production of melanin
Liquorice – works to limit the effect of melanin synthesis and helps to reduce the variances in skin tone.

Body Shop BB Cream SPF 25++ REVIEW

My experience with Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream SPF 25++

This cream is quite light , moisturising  for my combination skin and smells nice.It has SPF 25++ which is good enough for everyday use .It blends nicely but I won’t say that it has fabulous coverage.As the cream is available in just one shade people might have different opinion about it.I and my sister used this cream and it gave nice tint to my dusky skin but as my sister is bit darker it looked too white on her.

Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream REVIEW

Swatch of Body Shop Moisture White Shisho BB Cream – Thankfully it has beige shade in it and  not pink undertones which suits my skin.I use it under my foundation after mixing it with a moisturiser and it goes well.


Body Shop BBCream India Review

After blending the BB Cream (Picture has been taken to close that is why you see the cream settling into the fine lines which is not the case when I use it on my face)

Body shop Moisture white review

What I liked about the Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream

1.It is moisturising  and gives instant glow and fairness to my skin because of the glow.

2.Works well as a makeup base.

3.Can suit most of Indian olive skin tone.

4.Ingredients are safe enough compared to other whitening creams.

5 Has SPF 25++ for extra protection

6.Comes in a tube packaging and blends easily.

7.Doesn’t break me out

8.It is easy to blend the cream and glides easily into my skin

9.Little amount of the product is needed which makes the tube lasts for long time.

What I didn’t like about the Body Shop Moisture White Shoso BB Cream

1.Beside the price it is available in only one shade so the tint might work for some and might not for some.

2.Doesn’t give good coverage.

3.It doesn’t photographs well.

Will I re-purchase it– My sis is dead against because the tint as it doesn’t suit her but as it suits me I am fond of it :).It might be a risky cream because of the price and result therefore one should visit body shop 2-3 times, try out their tester and if it suits you then go ahead with it.Don’t just buy it in a whiff.

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    • yes it might be a wonder product for few …it has vitamin C and then SPF and tint ..a good daily use product..i am like :drool::drool: i hope it suits me too 🙂

      • hi u think this one is worth it as it doesnt give good coverage and its more like a tinted moisturiser? does it make any difference frm ponds tinted moisturiser?

        • Deepika it is a bb cream which is more of a skin care and healing product so cant compare it with Ponds tinted moisturiser naa..

        • Deepika BB cream stands for ‘blemish balm’ cream created originally to heal the scars and wounds(recommended by by Plastic surgeons). Although its created by Germans, later it is adopted by Asians, they modified/improved it a bit and made changes so that it can be used as a foundation, or more than foundation. It actually gives a neat finish, makes your skin look porcelain smooth coverage..

          • Raz, you’re right about the difference between tinted moisturizers and true BB creams. However, this one from the description seems to be merely a tinted moisturizer posing as a BB cream. The wonderful thing about true Korean BB creams is that they eliminate the need for foundation or even other moisturizer — they just leave a naturally flawless, “no-makeup” look without any other intervention. This one seems like a watered-down version, which essentially makes it little more than a tinted moisturizer. I’m still waiting for the day when they make real BB creams for us Indians.

  1. Anamika even i don have much idea about BB cream all i know is they r better than foundation .can u do a post on that.?

  2. BB creams are getting big attentions, Personally I want to use BB creams rather than foundations for daily wear but in my country good BB creams are not available 🙁

  3. Oh! I’ve been looking for a good TM which doesnt make my face oily..This looks pretty good..

    Thanks for review Shreya!!

  4. guys if you want to try BB cream go for Misha’s or face shop’s
    they are a way cheaper than TBS and the quality is great too

      • Hmmm if you have friends In Hongkong/ china/ Tiwan/ Korean
        you can ask them to get them for you, Or else you can order online from or
        although i never purchased from either i heard they are safe(atleast sasa)
        and believe me they have quite a good range of BB creams and Serums and
        masks…huh OMG a lot actually, Anamika you are gonna love the variety of products

        • i am gping to try the website after reading their reviews…i want to try some good BB creams..thanks a ton Raz u r a sweet heart:)

  5. i just tried this product today. so far so good. I love the concealing effect to my skin….I’m truly a fun of body shop products specially all their tea tree products. swear it’s very effective most special to girls out their who are sufferring from pimples, acne and all face problems. Before i tried almost all kinds of services that derma housed offers but none of those peeling and acne claims were true. Not until I started using Tea Tree products.. super love it.♥ :heart: Thanks Body shop 🙂


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