The Body Shop Sparkle Eyeliner Ocean Green Review & Swatches


 Body Shop Sparkle eyeliners

This is a limited edition eyeliner that was available in the UK during Christmas. There’s a probability that it may be released this December too. This was a gift from my cousin and I got the green 1 while my sis got silver (I can do the swatch of the silver 1 sometime if anyone is interested)

 TBS-sparkle-eyeliner-in-ocean-green-reviews+sparkle eyeliners

What the company claims:

Three striking shades of liquid eyeliner, with glitter particles to add definition to the eyes, and complete the winter look. Contains Community Trade aloe vera. Available in three wild striking tints.

 Sparkle-eyeliner-TBS_thumb.png+Sparkle eyeliner

Shades available:

  • Ocean green
  • Golden sun (shimmery gold)
  • Starlight (shimmery silver)


Aqua, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Aloe barbadensis, Mica, Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, VP/ Dimethiconylacrylat / Polycarbamyl/ Polyglycol Ester, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Tin Oxide, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Propylparaben. [+/- CI 77891, CI 77499, CI

77491, CI 77510].



  • Quantity: 3ml
  • Price: Not too sure. Each website quoted a completely different price.
  • Availability: Not available in India. U can either hold a family member at gunpoint n ask them to rush to UK n get it for u :bangbang: (that’s NOT what I did in case ure wonderin 😛 )…or u can buy it online on websites like Here are a couple of links:




Apply along the upper or lower lash lines.



The-body-shop-sparkle-eyeliner-green-3_thumb.png+Sparkle eyeliners green





TBS-eyeliner-4-sparkle+TBS eyeliners sparkles eyeliners green






Build up to create more intensity.
Apply along the upper or lower lash lines.

Shade Description:

It’s the kinda shade u get when you take a Christmas tree with all its decoration and paraphernalia and put it in a blender! 😛 Okay…it’s actually a very pretty olive green shade. It has light green n peacock blue shimmer particles. I took several pics but none of them do justice to the actual shade. It’s a li’l brighter and greener than it appears.

Packaging & Applicator:

It comes in a cylindrical tube that’s slightly bigger than my index finger but slightly smaller than Lakme 9to5 Intense Shine Eyeliner and slightly bigger than a centipede and slighty smaller than an earthworm and…Okay, okay, u get the picture, right? :X-P: The lid is the shade of gunmetal and adds oomph to the packaging. Since it’s a screw top lid there’s no question of leakage. Very travel-friendly packaging and will fit into the smallest of purses. The brush is thin and long. The bristles thankfully stick together and make application super easy.

My experience with Body Shop Sparkle Eyeliner Ocean green 

When I first swatched the product, all hopes came crashing down like the twin towers on 9/11 (sorry…bad comparison)! :duh: The color looked so fab in the tube but on application it’s very VERY sheer…almost liquidy. I drew 1 line over another again and again (as though I wuz painting a wall) but there was no chance of the color showing. In fact, the brush strokes became very visible. So I lined my upper lash line with a matte black eye pencil and then applied this over that. Ooh yaay! The color showed in just one swipe. Two swipes and it looked perfect! It’s very shimmery and the black under it lends extra glam. This also helps the color to last longer (am not sure how long it lasts when worn alone). Usually, eye products with shimmer make my eyes sting…but this doesn’t. So double Yaay! :clap-n-jump:

Here’s how it looks when worn alone (I can’t believe I did this!!!…pls don’t be scared.). You can see the brush strokes and patches where there’s no color at all. I’ve swiped the product atleast 4 to 5 times here:

This is how it looks when worn over black eyepencil:

 tbs-eyeliners-sparkle-green-reviews+eyeliners sparkles green

 What I like about TBS Limited Edition Ocean Green Eyeliner:

  •  Sturdy, attractive and travel-friendly packaging
  • Shade is very unique and festive coz of the blue and green shimmer particles
  • Application is easy
  • No discernible fragrance
  • Smudge-proof
  •  Lasts for atleast 5 hours or more when worn over black
  • Easy to remove
  • Didn’t irritate my eyes

What I don’t like about TBS Limited Edition Ocean Green Eyeliner:

  • Pigmentation is very poor
  • Contains parabens
  • Availability is an issue

Will I re-purchase? Nope. Am sure there are better pigmented greens out there waiting to be picked (No, am not talking bout spinach!!).:-P

Does anyone know a dupe for this?


  • Quality: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Pigmentation: 2/5
  • Availability: 3/5
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  1. Hey such a nice shade NAfisa… I think there is a similar color in the NYX glitter one! You have very pretty eyes :lashes: :lashes: :lashes:

  2. i am a 40+ woman so still not sure abt glittery eyeshadow 🙁

    btw ladies my order from arrived last evening. I have to ask one thing. I am not sure if the Revlon eyeshadow I ordered is original. Firstly though the leftmost color looks peach, it really is a dirty orange but that is not their fault since colors dont always end up being what we think we ordered. secondly, when you open the dabba you would think the eyeshadow palette wold be in the bottom half of the dabba but it is actually in the top part of the part so you actually see a mirror when you open the dabba. am not sure if I am explaining it properly.–eternal-summer-714-p420t

    • Ok i understand what you mean.. The revlon one I have doesnt even have a mirror since its a pretty old version. Did you check the logo of Revlon? Does it look the same as the original? Or if you have a doubt and want to return it, call the customer care and im sure they’ll be able to help you out 🙂

    • also wanted to add that the last shade in this palette is supposed to be greyish but mine was a yellow. I have written to Support as well so waiting to see what they have to say. In the meantime if any of you have had any such experiences, do let me know whats te best way to handle it. Thanks in advance.

      • didnt get you..i mean once I open the palette i wud choose whatever sahde i want. you cant open the shades from outside the porblem is that the site shows one thing, the order I recd was ompletely different..and who puts the shades in the upar wala dakhan..once you open it wont you expect to see it in the bottom half of the dabba? 🙁

        • Lol! I know what you mean. I was trying to say that if they had kept it in the bottom half , you would have to open it to see if that was the shade you want to use today but this way, the shadows peep out from the box so, it saves a bit of trouble of actually opening up the box. I hope this made more sense :-))

      • and yes it is fine if it was yellow. The orange that you see is supposed to match a tangerine nail paint by Revlon which was released with the palette. Don’t worry Btw, that yellow also is a perfect match for a nail paint but I don’t remember the name.

  3. It looks pretty Nafisa, and you have beautiful eyes 🙂

    Since its not much pigmented, you can wear just one swipe over different coloured pencil liners, that way your pencil liner is sealed and any colour will just get a hint of this glitter since the green of TBS anyways won’t be seen :))

    • Thanks pradnyaa :blush: The green is kinda visible when worn over black. Its so shimmery that the camera failed to capture the green

  4. aww…green…i love it. nafisa you have beautiful eyes :-))

    Btw…how come I am not able to see the pic wher u have worn the liner as such and not on top of the black liner…

  5. Naf, ur eyes r so prtty! main to dekhihi reh gay….and te shade of lner compliments u totaly….any idea if the r avalable here? i havent sen them…


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