Press Release – The Body Shop Tea Tree Power Trio


Tough On Blemishes, Soft on Skin

Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash

Your Clear Skin Essential


We’ve got a fresh approach to help combat blemishes! Meet the new addition to our cult Tea Tree range for blemished skin: Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. This cleansing daily wash delivers a blast of freshness with a velvet touch, for skin that’s squeaky-clean.


Press Release - Power up with The Body Shop


Our new creamy wash is tough on blemish-causing bacteria but soft on skin. Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash intensely cleanses and purifies, instantly removing all impurities and excess oils, without over-drying. From the very first use, skin looks fresher and feels softer.

Natural Skin Softeners

Be a big softie! Our Cool & Creamy Wash is enriched with a cocktail of natural skin softeners including Community Fair Trade marula oil from Namibia and Community Fair Trade soya oil from Brazil.


Natural Antibacterial

Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash benefits from the skin-clearing power of tea tree oil, one of nature’s most potent antibacterial.


Deeply Cool

We’ve added a hit of menthol to help give the wash its cool sensation and fresh fragrance.


Super-Fresh Sensation

Discover deeply cool freshness! With natural coolers,

Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash delivers a fabulously fresh skin feeling that lasts all day.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash, Rs 595.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub, Rs 795.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash, Rs 595The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub, Rs 795


Meet the power trio that keeps skin shine & blemish free!


Day Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Was A deep cool menthol wash that is soft on skin removes all impurities & excess oil

Night Tea Tree Squeaky clean scrub A gentle scrub that exfoliates, unclogs pores and removes blackheads

24/7 Tea Tree Oil Our iconic targeted solution that clears blemishes without over-drying skin. Apply whenever you have a blemish SOS.


Love Tea Tree? Meet our Tea Tree Heroes!

For clearer skin in just three days, try some of our best-selling Tea Tree heroes.


Tea Tree Lotion (MRP Rs 845)

Tea Tree Toner (MRP Rs 795)

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (MRP Rs 1295)

Tea Tree Oil (MRP Rs 595)


The Heart Inside

Our Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil comes from the foothills of Mount Kenya. Tea tree leaves are picked by hand and steam-distilled to release the oil. The unique way we harvest the oil ensures we retain the best properties of the plant. Our trade with the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association encourages sustainable and organic farming methods, which help to preserve the area’s natural bio-diversity.

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  1. Tea tree face wash is my life saver now! i am so much in love with it. As i have pimples and blemishes after using it i dont see a single bump on my face! am sooo happy taht i got a second bottle of it! i think i try this new line of products! its tempting!

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