The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Body Lotion Review


Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Body Lotion

I love the vanilla fragrance and i like a little shimmer in my body lotions for parties and the like.So that is what made me buy this body lotion without even testing it at the store.. Good move or a bad one ?Read on:


TBS Vanilla Bliss Body Lotion Review Pump Bottle+lotions

  • Price : Rs 795

This lotion smells like vanilla heaped with lots and lots of sugar! It smelled sickly sweet to me but the good part is the sweetness settles down in a while and your are left with a okayish vanilla fragrance on your body!

TBS Vanilla Bliss Body Lotion Review Ingredients+lotion

The lotion is very moisturizing and rich. In Mumbai (India) one doesn’t need heavy body lotions unless you have very dry skin. I have normal to oily skin and this one takes care of my moisturizing requirements.I applied it in the evening and my skin felt moisturized till the next morning.

The packaging is a plus point as it’s a pump packaging and the pump gets locked on twisting it, so it is a travel friendly bottle.

TBS Vanilla Bliss Body Lotion Review Hand Swatch+body cream

But this is where the good part ends! The lotion is thick and very difficult to blend into the skin. The shimmer in the body lotion isn’t soft enough to give u glowing look. It’s the obvious shimmer making you feel like you played in glitter..! The biggest faux pas here is that the shimmer is SILVER!!!And it is not the fine silver but a gritty one! It sort of looks cheap when seen up close.I seriously feel if the shimmer was a gold or a champagne color this product would be great .Most Indian skin tones cannot carry off full on silver shimmer.

TBS Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Body lotion Hand Swatch+body lotion

(partially blended)

The shimmer is very visible on the skin and instead of giving a soft, lit from within look it makes you feel like you played with a Christmas tree all day long.!

This year the TBS collection disappoints and the fragrances of the other two ranges are also very medicinal! Skip it!

 TBS Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Body lotion blended Hand Swatch+body lotions

(in natural light)

I don’t think I really need to list out pros and cons after reading the review!

TBS Vanilla Bliss lotion blended Hand Swatch+the body lotion

(in artificial light)

My rating 2/5… 2 just for moisturizing properties and the pump packaging.

Have you tried the Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Body Lotion ?

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  1. hehe… I tried this once at the TBS outlet… could not get the shimmer off my hands and it looked very very tacky! I don’t understand the need for this product. 😀

  2. Thank God I didn’t buy it ! Thankx a lott for the review. I was planning to buy it …. you saved me :tap-dance:
    I love Body Shop strawberry body butter, very moisturising :yes:

  3. i just tried the tester yest of tis product at the TBS store… 🙂

    frankly to say i hated it…… 🙁 the shimmer makes a patchy appearance on the skin unless blended well…

    i liked the spiced vanilla last yr….. 🙂

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