The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette Review


The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette

Hello Everyone

How is the climate treating you beauties? Well, I am really relieved with the onset of monsoons as Delhi was burning like anything prior to these cool showers.

Coming to the review of this fragrance from The Body Shop all I can say that you should definitely try this fragrance as it is just the perfect feminine fragrance every woman longs for in her life. Read on to know about the likes & dislikes about this particular fragrance!

The body shop fragrance

About The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette

A daring and mysterious fragrance in a light Eau De Toilette, featuring an intoxicating blend of cruelty-free musk with sinuous notes of black smoky rose and tobacco flower.

  • Seductive floral-musk scent
  • Contains cruelty-free musk
  • Light Eau De toilette

Price- INR 1195 for 100ml

Packaging- This fragrance from TBS is housed in a glass bottle with a unique cap and resembles a very classy bottle of perfume! The bottle is transparent which makes it look even more tempting to buy. There is a steel pump nozzle to spray this fragrance on the skin. I love the packaging very much. Its really an alluring fragrance bottle to enhance the beauty of your vanity!

The body shop fragrance packaging

Fragrance- This particular fragrance is really feminine and not at all overpowering. It is just like the perfect hint of rose & musk fragrances on the body and doesn’t give you an idea that you bathed with a bottle of perfume in the shower! The sweet smell lingers on the body for a while and gradually fades away a little sooner. It will fade more quickly due to heavy sweating in summers. I wish It could stay for a little more while.

My Experience with The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette

This is a sweet smelling fragrance and if only the fragrance is concerned , it will surely score away maximum points for the optimum fragrance it gives upon application. A very feminine fragrance to include in your fragrance collection!

The body shop sweet fragrance

The packaging is total love and is tempting enough to attract people to buy it just for the sake of being a proud owner of such a classy looking fragrance. However the glass packaging can be real pain while travelling as it is more prone to breakage in case of mishandling of luggage bags!

I would have surely loved if the fragrance had a little more staying power as it tends to fade away quickly and even more quickly in case of sweating due to the high temperature in summer season!

 Well that might be because it is not at all a strong fragrance. I really wish it was a little stronger so that one could easily get away a single occasion of this fragrance spray for long hours too without worrying much about body odor.

The body shop fragrance review

What I like about The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette

  • Classy Packaging
  • Feminine fragrance
  • Not overpowering
  • Is cruelty free
  • Refreshes the senses

What I don’t like about The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette

  • Glass packaging makes travel dificult
  • Fragrance could stay for longer durations

Wise She Rating– 4/5

Will I recommend?

Yes, of course, in spite of the cons this fragrance is a must have product from The Body Shop!

Have you tried The Body Shop-White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette?

P.S – PR sample but honest review.

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  1. beautiful clicks, love the packing but most of their edts do not last for more than 3-4 hours on me 🙁 though I am definitely sniffing this next time :))


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