The Body Shop Wild Cherry Shower Gel Review


By Priti,  Body Shop Shower gel (wild cherry ) Review

Do you like cherry, the fresh ones?  I’m sure most of us can’t see no to the fresh, beautiful, red cherry’s taste awesome and looks sweet. So how to say ‘No’ to Wild Cherry shower you get my point?  Ya so when I saw this new ( for atleast new for me) wild cherry in body shop ..I was jumping in happiness (well in my mind).

Shower gel body shop

  • Product ~ Body Shop Wild Cherry Shower Gel
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price of Body Shop Wild Cherry Shower Gel ~ SGD 12.90 for 250ml [I couldn’t find this product in Indian TBS site :(]  But it will be same as mostly 250ml body shower bottle.
  • Product Claim ~  A soap-free, non-drying cleansing gel with tantalising wild cherry. Lathers to leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, soft and subtly scented.
  • How to use ~ Massage into wet skin, preferably with a cloth or bath lily. Rinse away with clean water. If product gets in eyes, rinse with clean water. [Use with Body Shop exfoliating gloves to increase the foam factor as you exfoliate.]

Body Shop wild cherry shower gel review

My Experience ~So the first thing we notice about this shower gel is ..apart from the colour is ofcourse the smell!  It’s delightful…that’s the right word to use and mostly all will love the smell…unless you don’t see sweet/floral/fruity smell…but then you wouldn’t buy this right? It comes in same old body shop clear plastic bottle with the logo, cherry pics and product details written over it with flip top.

The main ingredient is wild cherry oil- is squeezed from cherry stones which have been hand-harvested on small family farms in the historic hills of Verona, Italy. The range also boasts many ingredients sourced through The Body Shop’s unique Community Trade programme, which supports marginalised communities around the world. The programme improves the financial security and health care of farmers, producers and their families in more than 20 countries.  Hmm I know you didn’t ask for that …but that’s for our GK 😉

The shower gel lathers well and fills the bathroom with cherry smell….it also stays on skin for long time…but not long enough :(  But after the lathers, smell there’s nothing else to mention here.   The same can be done with any other soap or body shower with lesser price.

For feel good factor body shop wild cherry is okie but don’t expect more than this.  If you want to see I suggest get small bottle if available, or any some nice n relaxing bath get this shower gel.

If I will buy again? …then no, unless I get in good sale price.

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  1. hey hey hold on hold on Anu, this is not my review…you have written “By Prerana” at the top!!
    jaldi se correction kar do otherwise jiska review hai vo bura man jayaga :rotfl:

  2. I got this as a gift… I loved it so much i ended up bringing myself another bottle.. it is a little expensive especially in comparison to the St. Ives Body Washes (a later discovery) which are lovely and relatively cheaper.. it lathers beautifully and has a fantastic smell. The best thing about it in comparison to the St. Ives is that is moisturizes really well (i have dry skin) without leaving behind that filmy feeling which is great during the winters but annoys me during summer.. It is the perfect Summer body wash !!


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