The Bodyshop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Night Treatment Review


By Ashu Yadav,

Moisture White Shiso Whitening Night Treatment Review

An even complexion is a dream for many of us. I wanted a cream which would even out my complexion and lighten the spots. So I got The Body Shop’s Moisture White range cream.

  • What the product claims :- A velvety non-greasy cream to help to renew skin as we sleep, helping to leave it more supple and smoother.
  • Size: 40 ml
  • Price: Rs.  1695
  • Ingredients:

Shiso : Reduces the early melanin  making signals, before they trigger the hyper pigmentation process.

Aloe : Soothing the skin ,restoring its translucent complexion and promoting a luminous skin from within

Batyl Alcohol: Helps to reduce skins response to the melanin attack on the skin

How to use The method of use is not given on the website but I was told by the SA that its supposed to be used as any normal night cream. So I cleansed, toned my face and the massaged with the cream every night.

My experience:-

First of all let me tell about my skin type. I have a dusky, oily in summers (mainly T zone) and normal in winters . acne prone skin.

Body Shop’s Moisture White shisho whitening night treatment
Body Shop’s Moisture White shisho whitening night treatment


Moisture white
Body Shop’s Moisture White shisho whitening night treatment

My empty tub 😛

The pros :

  • It comes in a cute white and light weight tub.
  • The cream is quite moisturizing just after applying . though after around 10-15mins it gives little stretchy feeling.
  • I didn’t experience any break out after using it
  • Its absorbed quickly in the skin.
  • It has aloe in it. Which is an awesome herb.

According to internet, betyl alcohol is derived from glycerin and used as a stabilizing ingredient and skin-conditioning agent. So I guess that’s a good thing for dry skinned people.


Skin care Products A little amount on my hand


Body whitening treatment After little rubbing


Body Shop’s Moisture White shisho whitening night treatment skin whitening cream Shiny finish

The cons:

I bought it in December, then it felt nice on my skin. Only my t zone was little oily in the morning. But as the temperature went little high it started feeling very oily. And when I say oily, it means as if you applied oil kinda oily. So it is not “velvety non-greasy cream” .I have been using it as foot cream. I know I know. It’s torturous to use 1645/- worth cream as foot cream but what can I do. Have to use it somewhere.

It has a weird kind of fragrance which seems very intense at first but after a while just a very light whiff remains.

The tall claims made by the website remained unfulfilled. Though I gave them a benefit of doubt as I used only the night cream from the range. But guys, there should have been at least a teeny weenie difference.

Full list of ingredients is not given.

The price is very steep. Paying 1645/- for something which doesn’t work , sounds very brutal to me.

It comes in a tub so not hygienic.

Verdict : ladies with oily skin stay away from it. I am going to stay far away from it. It could be used by dry skinned ladies for its moisturizing properties. But I think you can buy few bottles of any good body shoo moisturizer   in this  cost of this one tub.

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  1. hey Ashu, in my school days (KV vikaspuri, Delhi) my best friend Vibha Yadav’s younger brother’s name was Ashu…you remind me of her 😀 😀

    and for the cream…i will definitely believe your review coz u have reviewed it after using 100% of the cream 😛 😉

        • Meenu you know we spend so much on food and outings andpictures and on skin we all want to use is some sasta product.I am not saying that inexpensive products are not good.I myself love trying them but some of the good skin care brands do bring out something which helps
          I see the change after using Lush , forest essential and body shop ..
          so i prefer buying two pair less shoes but a good skin care moisturiser.
          try this funda once:)

  2. :-)) m not saying that we shouldnt spend on good products but when i know this thing cost like hell and dont do any good.. why would i try it (paise ped pe thode uging 😛 )….
    OMG 😯 are we having serious talk!!
    BTW i dont agree with shoes wali line.. i would buy one pair of shoes not 2 and after some time will buy the skin care products too 😛 😛 :chic:

  3. ejjactly… that is why i said that.. … pak is more deserving, the cricket it showed this WC is amazing….
    n may be we get to se one ind vs pak match either semi or fainal :chic: :chic:

  4. I’m not sure if I should try any of TBS creams after using their vit e night cream. It was so bad and broke me out so badly 🙁

  5. i am using this as night cream for some time now, it is good for normal to dry skin, which is my skin type.
    though i would say that Vichy’s Bi White Range is much better as a whitening range. I am also using the shiso day cream, its also nice but again not veyr good compared to vichy’s whitening day cream.

    As soon as im finished with the tubs, im going back to my Vichy range!!!

  6. yipeeee i feel so happy that i didnot buy it coz i have a very oily skin :rock-n-roll: :dance-left-right: :rock-n-roll: :dance-left-right:


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